5 Tips To Add Interaction To Your Training Courses

5 Tips To Add Interaction To Your Training Courses
Summary: Many employees enter a training course with the expectation that it will be boring, long and a waste of time, but why? Whether it’s from past experience or just from stories heard from friends and colleagues, employees are not typically excited when they find out they need to go through training.

How To Add Interaction To Your Training Courses

This is the perfect opportunity to prove your employees wrong! There are plenty of ways you can spark up your e-Learning courses by making it interactive and fun for everyone. Incorporating interactivity will not only increase employee engagement, but it will also help employees learn the content being presented.

Take a look at these 5 tips to add interaction to your next training course

  1. Use Characters
    Characters are a fantastic way to spice up your course. Create a character that serves as an expert on the content being presented. The character can pose questions, offer help when your employees need it as well as provide tips to help in their success. Using characters also gives your course a personalized touch. This level of personalization provides employees a way to really connect with the course.
  2. Gamify Your Course
    Who doesn’t like to play games? Gamification isn’t simply popping a game in your online course—it’s the process of using game mechanics and game thinking in a non-game context like e-Learning courses. There are several ways to add gamification elements to your e-Learning course. One way is to divide your course into sections that employees progress through or “conquer.” Once they finish the level, reward them with something like a badge or medal to show off their achievement. This will give your employees more motivation to successfully complete the course.
  3. Add Buttons
    Simply incorporating buttons learners must click to receive further information or select to receive quiz or game results  will give your course added interactivity. Place your content underneath buttons, so employees can view small digestible amounts of information at a time. Color coordinating the content that is affiliated with your button will give your presentation a consistent visual cohesiveness. Layering buttons can also add interaction to your course. For example, if you have an image of a phone, make each button on the phone an actual functioning button. You can then have each button move to your next action when selected.
  4. Insert YouTube Videos
    YouTube is a great source to find videos that will complement the topic of your course. Using video will help engage your employees and give them a new way to learn the information. Want to create your own? Lectora Inspire e-Learning software comes bundled with Camtasia and allows you to easily create, edit and produce professional video tutorials.
  5. Incorporate Social Media
    Allow your employees to share their learning experience with their social networks. Add in social buttons that allow your employees to share their accomplishments with the world or even interact with others taking the course. With Lectora Version 11 e-Learning software, you can easily add social features that will allow your employees to share content on popular social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, using share buttons and other Lectora objects.

These are just a few ways that you can add interaction to your e-Learning courses. To see even more ways you can add life to your next project, check out all the free e-Learning resources in Lectora University!