6 Ways Mobile Learning Impacts Corporate Training

6 Ways Mobile Learning Impacts Corporate Training
Summary: With the world’s information at the disposal of a mobile phone or tablet, eLearning and on-the-job learning materials often need to be accessible in a matter of seconds. In this article, PulseLearning outlines 6 advantages of mobile learning for learners and your business.

How Mobile Learning Impacts Corporate Training

The question is no long whether to consider mobile users; it is critical to do so and respond to where technology is leading us. So, what are the benefits of mobile learning for businesses? Following are 6 ways in which mobile learning impacts corporate training.

1. Ultimate Flexibility And Convenience

Mobile Learning allows learners the freedom and flexibility to complete training when and where they choose. Training time can be redirected outside of busy work hours, such as on the commute home or in a café. Learners can pull information in the moment as required to support work tasks.

2. Learner Empowerment

Mobile Learning is a learner-centric solution that puts participants in control of their training requirements, installing greater confidence and shifting attitudes toward training. It can offer an educational experience that is “just enough, just in time, just for me.”

3. Greater Knowledge Retention And Reduced Training Duration

A microlearning delivery of small bite-sized learning moments supports our natural attention span. Because short bursts of learning can lead to better application of knowledge, overall training time can be reduced. Shorter learning experiences allow key messages to be retained and assimilated.

4. Enhanced Collaboration And Engagement

Research shows a shifting preference of people sharing ideas and collaborating online rather than in person. Mobile Learning can easily integrate apps and social media available on mobile devices to generate conversation about training, prolonging the learning experience and increasing motivation and engagement.

5. Futureproofing And Increased ROI

Considering Mobile Learning now will extend the shelf life of your training and futureproof it for a growing employee population of millennials who expect to use mobile technology at work. An effectively designed suite of micro-learning assets can be repackaged into different learning experiences. The educational efficiency of this delivery technique can increase the ROI on your training budget.

6. Sense Of Personalization

Because learners often use their own devices to access training, there is increased comfort and a sense of personalization in the educational experience. Additionally, BYOD can save money as employees absorb a significant portion of technology expenses.

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