8 Ways Busy eLearning Professionals Can Improve Their Time Management Skills

8 Ways Busy eLearning Professionals Can Improve Their Time Management Skills
Summary: If time management is not your strong suit but you simply don’t have the time to master the skill, then this article was written with you in mind. In this article, I’ll share 8 organization tips that can help you stay on track and improve your time management skills in order to achieve your eLearning project goals, without having to devote countless hours to mastering this all-important trait.

How Busy eLearning Professionals Can Improve Their Time Management Skills

There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day, especially when you have so much left on your to-do list and deadlines are quickly approaching. But wait, there are ways that you can improve your organization and time management abilities and boost your productivity. As an eLearning professional, are you ready to make the most of every minute and say goodbye to the chaos and confusion you typically face during your workday? If so, then you may want to try out these 8 time management tips today.

  1. Opt for organizational software.
    There are a variety of tech tools and software solutions that can help you stay organized. So, why not take full advantage of them to improve your productivity? An example of this is project management platforms that allow you to keep track of assignments, collaborate with your eLearning team, and create a shared calendar. These cloud-based authoring tools allow you to stay focused on the task at hand, even when you are away from the computer. There are even some that allow you to share documents and get invaluable feedback from your colleagues, which can save you a significant amount of time.
  2. Keep an up-to-date agenda.
    Every event in your day should be outlined on an agenda, from work responsibilities to personal appointments. If you don’t keep an updated agenda then you are more likely to miss deadlines, run out of time, or simply forget to complete important tasks. It does not have to cover the basics, such as eating or sleeping. That might be taking the organization a bit too far. On the other hand, it should include any and all major items that you need to take care of throughout the day.
  3. Set regular office hours.
    This can be one of the trickiest tips, as it’s difficult to distance yourself from work when there’s a major deadline approaching. However, it’s essential that you maintain a good balance and set office hours that work best for your lifestyle. Decide when you will start working each day and when you’ll call it quits. Most importantly, stick to the schedule and don’t sneak in some extra work during your personal down time. All work and no play can make your friends and family feel like they are on the back burner. Not to mention, it does not allow you to unwind and take a break from the stress.
  4. Create small goals throughout the week.
    Looking at the "big picture" can be overwhelming, especially if you have a lot on your schedule.  You can make things more manageable, however, by breaking your week down into smaller goals that are easy to track. For example, if you need to produce an eLearning video by Friday you may want to create a step-by-step task sheet and assign a different task to each day. Monday would be the storyboarding process and Friday would be the client delivery.
  5. End your day with an organization check-up.
    At the end of your every day you should recap what you’ve done and what you plan on doing the next day. This gives you the chance to get a general overview of your daily schedule and keep track of the milestones you’ve crossed off your list. You are also able to clear your mind before going to bed so that you can wake up the morning refreshed and ready to take on the day.
  6. Pace yourself.
    You can only do so much, which is why you need to pace yourself and recognize when you’ve put too much to do. Don’t try to rush through all of your tasks so that you can fit more in your schedule. This will only make you feel stressed and burdened. It can also lead to mistakes, as you aren’t focusing on one project at a time. You should also be completely up front with yourself about how much you can handle, usually easier said than done, but try.
  7. Outsource whenever possible.
    You don’t have to bear all of the responsibilities yourself. In fact, you always have the option to outsource when there are too many tasks and not enough time. This is also the perfect solution for eLearning professionals who may not have the expertise, but still need to produce high quality eLearning content. Gather an eLearning team of qualified professionals who you can rely on, to get the job done and make your life a bit easier. Above all else, be willing to relinquish some of the control so that you can keep your sanity and make the most of your work day.
  8. Put it on paper.
    Keep a pen and paper handy to jot down any notes that you think of throughout the day. A mobile device will also work just fine if you don’t leave the house without your gadgets. When you come up with an idea that you want to share with your eLearning team or schedule an important meeting that you absolutely cannot miss, get it down on paper before you forget about it. At the end of the day, when you’re creating your agenda for the next day, you can transfer any important notes to your organization app or schedule.

There’s no time like the present. Why not start integrating these ideas into your eLearning professional philosophy right now and reap the benefits of a well-organized work day. Sure, you’re busy, but eliminating the chaos, clutter, and confusion from your life can help you manage your time.

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