9 Reasons Why Millennials Need eLearning Instead Of Classroom Teaching

9 Reasons Why Millennials Need eLearning Instead Of Classroom Teaching
Summary: eLearning is indeed the need of the hour. In this article, you’ll find the reasons why classroom teaching is replaced by eLearning and how is it benefiting Millennials.

Why Millennials Need eLearning Instead Of Classroom Teaching 

Technology is ubiquitous, and each one of us is entangled overly with it. It has affected the way we shop, read, play, write, learn, and study. With the rising need of technology, it has become that imperative part of our lives without which we cannot survive. eLearning is a relatively new and advanced form of educating students through the use of technology as an instructional medium. Nowadays, eLearning is required to educate people of all different ages. Several companies have their employees take courses over the computer as a means to teach them more about their field or educate them on new programs they will be introducing. Education is that one area that is hugely impacted by the growing use of technology. Today’s generation is welcoming the scientific knowledge as a valuable learning tool for a successful future. Here, you will get to know some incredible reasons for opting eLearning instead of classroom teaching amongst the school students.

  1. eLearning is cheaper than classroom teaching. 
    Certainly less cost is the most significant benefit that is bestowed on the schools and students by eLearning programs. Undoubtedly eLearning is more cost effective as comparative to classroom teaching. A classroom training requires the presence of trainers each and every time the course is supposed to be delivered, and eLearning can be developed once and used many times as per the training requirements. The cost of hiring skilled trainers is eliminated with the use of eLearning practices. Constructing a classroom is indeed costly for every school. To start with, real estate and overhead costs of running a brick are also high. eLearning reduces time away from the workplace, eliminates the need for travel, and removes the need for classroom-based training. Education is a human right, and nothing could hamper it. A big round of applause to the eLearning!
  2. Students’ progress can be tracked easily.
    This is one more benefit which one could get from eLearning teaching programs. Usually, the tracking of student’s performance is done by manually in classroom teaching and that requires a lot of time and efforts. Many times, incorrect recording of data can bungle up all the attempts. But through eLearning, courses can be delivered on the Learning Management Systems (LMSs), a software platform, for tracking and monitoring of learners’ progress automatically in the course in an effective way.
  3. Round the clock accessibility to course materials.
    Students are inundated with doing a lot of things at a time. Students who are doing part-time jobs are unable to attend the morning classroom lectures. Some students are comfortable in attending morning lectures. To handle and manage everything is extremely challenging. However, when course content and activities are provided online, students no longer need to worry about accessing course materials.
  4. Exposure for sharing ideas.
    Online learning helps each student to view another student's answers and learn through the revelations to different perspectives through tools like Blackboard's Discussion Board and Chat. Integrating technology into the classroom is definitely a great way to reach diversity in learning styles. It gives students the chance to interact with their classmates more by encouraging collaboration. Students can learn from the blend of new opinions taken from others. Great learning is earned by sharing knowledge, ideas and thoughts, and this could be easily done with the help of eLearning.
  5. Students can be prepared for the real world.
    When technology is implemented to educate students, it helps them to prepare for the competitive real world. As the environment has become technology dependent, the need for becoming a tech-savvy has increased. We live in a world where technology is everywhere, and to deal with the cut-throat competition, we have to be a technology enthusiast.
  6. Inexorable education.
    With eLearning, you cannot give an alibi for not learning. No matter how much busy you are and where you are, you can quickly take out time to learn from online programs at your convenient time. eLearning enables you to learn, irrespective of your location and at your own chosen time. Even students who are enrolled in full-time courses can use eLearning to acquire additional skills and qualification.
  7. Fail without fear.
    Students feel dreadful when they receive their grades in front of the entire classroom by their teachers. Let’s face it, the school teachers scold the students on acquiring low grades and it is certainly shameful for many. However, with the use of Learning, students have now got the freedom to face the failures in person. No student likes to fail in a classroom full of other mates. eLearning lets you fail without fear. This encourages exploration and testing of ideas. With the proper feedback, you create an excellent learning environment.
  8. Retention power.
    eLearning is certainly creative, innovative and attractive to the students that enable them to retain the read content more efficiently. The fantastic amalgamation of multimedia and instructional design can produce a very rich learning experience for the pupils. With the use of videos and audios related to the course content can help a student to learn faster and in a better way. The ‘chalk and talk’ lectures can prove to be wearisome for students. eLearning has made the lectures interactive through the use of rich multimedia. The students involvement has certainly extended beyond the walls of the classroom.
  9. Time saver.
    Time is the most precious thing in life. eLearning saves a lot of time without compromising the quality. Time to construct the classrooms and time to travel for reaching to the classrooms are saved with the help of eLearning programs.

eLearning has been in an excessive application for longer than most would realize though it has now become an extremely popular competitor with conventional classroom teaching. eLearning would certainly be the first choice for students and learners grappling with the busy life.