A Guide To Finding Gifts For Teachers This Christmas

A Guide To Finding Gifts For Teachers This Christmas
Summary: With the Christmas season nearing, we’re all rushing to make lists of gifts for our friends, family, and this year’s Secret Santa in the office. But while we’re doing all that, let’s not forget about some other very important people in our lives…our teachers!

11 Perfect Christmas Gifts For Your Favorite Teachers

Whether they teach us or our children crucial new skills, teachers are valuable members of our society and deserve an extra thank you this Christmas season. In this article, we share 11 ideas for the perfect gifts for teachers to show them how appreciated they are.

A Guide To Finding Gifts For Teachers This Christmas

Find the perfect gift for the eLearning lover on your list!

1. Desk Organizer

This holiday season, help your favorite teacher keep their desk in order with a practical and fun desk organizer. Most organizers are perfect for holding pencils and pens, but you can add a modern spin with a phone holder. This way, your teacher won’t have to look for their phone under piles of papers.

2. Journal Or Agenda

A notebook that can be used as a journal is a very fitting gift for teachers. It will help them keep all of their notes and daily and weekly responsibilities in one place. Better yet, you can find one with a designated “funny things my students said” section where they can write down funny stories from the classroom. The ability to keep these memories evergreen will make the best gift.

3. Personalized Mug

Show your teacher your appreciation with a festive mug, possibly with their name or initials on it so that their daily coffee or tea at work has now a personal touch. The additional perk that the mug will stand out from the rest in the teachers' break room cupboard will be greatly appreciated as well.

4. Sweet Treats

There's no teacher who won't like sweet treats as a Christmas gift. Satisfy your teacher’s sweet tooth with some baked goods that you made yourself or with original store-bought candy and chocolates. Make sure to follow their dietary preferences. If need be, find vegan or gluten-free treats so that the teacher really knows you appreciate them.

5. Hot Drink Boost

There is one gift for teachers you can’t go wrong with—coffee! They work tirelessly and without a complaint every day and the least we can do is offer them their favorite fuel of choice. That, of course, is coffee for most but it can also be tea or hot chocolate. Find out what it is and offer them a gift card or a special variety.

6. Tote Bag

Teachers have to carry loads of books and papers around every day. Help them never have to haul them around in their arms again with a practical tote bag. Make sure it’s big enough to fit everything and even throw a smaller one that they can use to bring in their lunch in the mix.

7. Festive Attire

A great gift for teachers this Christmas season can be a special t-shirt or a Christmas sweater. Make it personal by adding their name, a funny quote about their subject matter, or a personal message from their students. Chances are, it will become their new go-to shirt to sport in the classroom.

8. A Holiday Read

Teachers love learning new things and constantly expanding their knowledge base. This means they are bound to love a new book they can add to their collection. It can be informative and educational or fun and humorous. It is up to you to set the tone for their Christmas reading time this year!

9. Candle

Candles are universally loved for the cozy and relaxing atmosphere they can immediately create. Teachers are no exception, of course. A candle is a perfect gift for teachers who are looking to wind down after a long day of classes. Pick an exceptionally festive scent, such as eggnog or cinnamon, and set them up for many relaxing evenings.

10. Mini Succulents

This gift is aimed at the teacher who loves plants. A small set of two or three succulents can bring life to their classroom or home and is a continuous reminder of their student’s appreciation. Go the extra mile and choose fun animal-shaped planters for bonus creative points. There’s no way such a gift will go unnoticed.

11. Virtual Gift Card

Finally, let’s talk about a bonus Christmas gift for your favorite teacher who you only get to see through the screen. There are many virtual classes nowadays, but that doesn’t mean those teachers don’t deserve a gift. Acknowledge all they do for you with a virtual gift you can send straight to their email address. There are tons of gift certificates to choose from, from store gift cards to streaming service subscriptions.


Christmas is the time for giving and showing our appreciation to the people who make our lives special. Since teachers offer us so much and so selflessly, we shouldn’t forget them during these festive days. Hopefully, this article has given you some helpful gift ideas for your favorite teachers so that you can show them how much you appreciate all they do.

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