Free eBook – Timing Is Everything: Accelerate Employee Performance Using The Learning Curve
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Timing Is Everything – Accelerate Employee Performance Using The Learning Curve

Not all hours are the same. Studying on the learning curve, you’ll come to see that timing can play a crucial part in giving your employees knowledge and motivation all at once. Timing Is Everything: Accelerate Employee Performance Using The Learning Curve shares significant data in the form of diagrams and charts: solutions suggested here are mostly proven facts. Tread carefully through the stages of the learning curve and you’ll understand that, in this procedure, there is the right time for everything.

Timing Is Everything: Accelerate Employee Performance Using The Learning Curve
Discover a guide that will help you to accelerate employee performance quickly.

The first of the stages is anxiety – but it is something expected to be utilized than to struggle with. Read how to cope with information overload, exploit knowledge formation when it comes, and gain insight on what optimum performance is. You will also see what you can do to ensure continued growth of performance, curve the path for talented employees, and ponder on the case Structured Vs. On Demand Learning. Take time to read and revisit this eBook to achieve better comprehension of all those stages as you come across them.

About The eBook

Timing Is Everything: Accelerate Employee Performance Using The Learning Curve is something more than a well-structured guide on how to embrace the learning curve. Upon reading it, I felt the reassuring effect that all the explanatory details have on the mind of an eLearning professional. Not everything that you perceive as negative is a result of your fault. Things have a course of developing, and you have to always keep this in mind so that you make the most out of downturns. Knowledge contained here is of great use to you, your organization, and your employees.

Let’s take a look at the contents of the eBook:

  • Introduction
  • Anxiety
  • Anxiety Onboarding
  • Information Overload
  • Knowledge Formation
  • Optimum Performance
  • Growth, Stagnancy, Or Decline
  • Grooming Tomorrow's Leaders
  • Structured vs. On Demand Learning

It could be that you treated talent development as the material for stuffing working hours. Perhaps you thought this makes everyday programs in your organization more efficient. Better think again. It is proven that well-timed interventions of blended learning decrease the learning curve. Reading on, you will discover how to enhance the scheduling of working and training time, by considering some tips offered here. Start by turning anxiety into a creative state and overtake onboarding anxiety with pre-boarding, giving new hires a heightened sense of purpose.

The next dangerous turn is right before information overload. See how social learning and performance support enter the equation to shrink this section of the learning curve. Then, it is time for knowledge formation or crystallization. You should take all you can from this stage, as employees going through it attain the ability to teach on all information they have accumulated.

One remarkable phase is this of optimum performance: this is the point before the closing of a training program, where you ask learners to be creative and take action in improving the program and themselves, applying their newly-gained skills. Another way for it is coaching, intensively if possible. Upon achieving this, Timing Is Everything: Accelerate Employee Performance Using The Learning Curve reminds you that at this juncture learners can be led to grow, stagnate, or decline in their on-the-job performances. Learn how you can direct them on the first path.

Hopefully, everything goes as planned. You’ll then have employees that have the skills and motivation to go higher, and you must be able to master situations like this. InfoPro Learning suggests offering leadership development courses and drafting career development plans, presenting arguments for them. Near the end, you can read a comparison between structured and on demand learning. The former lets managers keep control of the process, evaluate, and budget it.

If you want to learn all about the learning curve and the crucial role timing plays in corporate training, download this eBook today.

eBook Release: VIVAHR
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