Timing Is Everything: Accelerate Employee Performance Using The Learning Curve

by Infopro Learning

This eBook shares significant data in the form of diagrams and charts: solutions suggested here are mostly proven facts. Tread carefully through the stages of the learning curve and you’ll understand that, in this procedure, there is the right time for everything.

Key Chapters

  1. Anxiety

  2. Anxiety Onboarding

  3. Information Overload

  4. Knowledge Formation

  5. Optimum Performance

  6. Growth, Stagnancy, or Decline

  7. Grooming Tomorrow’s Leaders

  8. Structured vs. On-Demand Learning

Plenty of time and energy is spent in talent development pondering answers to the “Who?” “What?” “Why?” “Where?” and “How?” questions of training, but the question of “When?” is often limited to one answer: “Whenever time permits.”

The idea of accelerating employee performance has altered greatly through the years. For the better, I must say. Skipping the historic reference to obsolete practices, let’s focus on corporate training: organizations make the best of their workforce and employees take advantage too, as they are equipped with skills and techniques. All agree on the helpfulness of it, more so they welcome eLearning progresses. InfoPro Learning raises the subject, only to add useful elements. This eBook is all about the importance timing has for learning intervention and, trust me, reading it will benefit you greatly.

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Christopher Pappas
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