eBook Release: Accessible eLearning

Free eBook: Accessible eLearning
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Summary: Perhaps you fell for what seems to be a common misconception, believing that accessibility concerns small minorities. Or that it is a concept applicable to actual working and learning spaces, putting online environments aside. Upon reading this edition, you’ll have comprehended all that your organization and your Learning Management System is missing out on. See for yourself how accessibility makes for better learning altogether, and upgrade your products and services.

Accessible eLearning – Making Your Platform Accessible To People Of All Abilities

A disability isn’t always something visible, physical, or of medical context. That is how it adds up for one in five learners having a disability. Looking at these percentages you most likely realize this is a matter that you have to dig into. Inclusion doesn’t come automated, and that is why Lambda Solutions have composed this eBook.

eBook Release: Accessible eLearning
eBook Release
Accessible eLearning
Discover how to make your talent development platform accessible to people of all abilities.

Proceeding to read Accessible eLearning you’ll be presented with a new world; an inclusive reality, that can be constructed. And if you’re using an LMS built with accessibility in mind, like Moodle or Totara, that is pretty easy too.

About The eBook

Everything you needed to know about web content accessibility: scrolling the pages of Accessible eLearning you ‘ll get a concrete notion of what accessibility is. You’ll also get answers on why your LMS should be featuring it, how can your platform guide you, and what steps you have to take in this direction. Plus, relevant Acts and Guidelines are referred so that you can achieve maximum compliance with them.

Key chapters:

  • Why Make Your Learning Platform Accessible?
  • What Makes An eLearning Platform Accessible
  • Steps To Making Your Platform Accessible

Ever thought that web accessibility is a concept for the inclusion of users with a slow internet connection or old computer hardware among others? Accessible eLearning will initially convince you making your learning platform accessible. Apart from the general idea, you’ll also see the legal context.

Not to leave you intimidated; becoming compliant is an easy task when using Moodle and Totara. Platforms like these ones are doing the hard work, letting you focus on creating and organizing accessible eLearning content.

In this eBook, you’ll also find three best practices to do just that. The first one is for you to be descriptive too, by presenting your content in multiple ways. Organization and structure play a major role in making your content clear. There are cool formatting tools for that, but in the eBook you’ll find some useful tips as well. The last one, offering consistency in navigation, is about fighting the learning curve all web users face in the beginning. So, it stretches out beyond accessibility.

The tips and the resources found in here are of practical value. Also, as most things, you will pave the way for all this by building the right team, seeing what your requirements are, and assessing your content according to them.

When doing this, you will be able to test your LMS as well and discuss accessibility issues with a wide spectrum of people in your organization. Next step is providing the required training to those members that will play an active role in developing, maintaining, and improving your accessible eLearning platform. Lastly, you’ll read some ideas on how to promote awareness among your ranks.

If you start to catch up on the great boost of effectiveness that accessibility can give to your Learning Management System. and thus to your organization, download this eBook’s presenting tips, resources, and practices to help you improve on this fundamental field.

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