7 Creative Ways To Retain LMS Clients

7 Creative Ways To Retain LMS Clients
Summary: Do your current clients feel appreciated? Are they satisfied with your support services and product features? Or are they in the market for a new LMS platform to achieve their objectives? In this article, I’ll share 7 creative ways to retain LMS clients while expanding your market reach.

How To Retain LMS Clients

Bringing new clients into the fold is crucial for your LMS company. However, you must ensure that those clients stay loyal to your brand and don’t look elsewhere for their eLearning needs. This allows you to continually build your client base and maintain your share of the LMS market. Fortunately, there are some LMS client retention techniques that are low-cost but highly effective. The following 7 tips can help you retain LMS clients and give them the attention they deserve.

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1. Include A Client Spotlight On Your Site

Dedicate a section of your LMS website to clients who would like to promote their own products or services. Create guidelines that feature word caps and media specs, such as how many images they can include and which contact details they should provide. A client spotlight gives them the chance to gain exposure and reach a new audience. Plus, they can include a brief testimonial about your LMS at the end, if they’re so inclined, which increases your product’s credibility in the eyes of potential clients.

2. Host Free Upgrade And Add-On Giveaways

You don’t necessarily have to spend money on free trips or gift cards to offer as a prize to retain LMS clients. Something as simple as a free upgrade or product add-on may entice them. Post the giveaway on your site and social media page so that clients know how to enter. For example, they have to share the post with their network and leave a comment. The winner gets to download the software upgrade free of charge and then share their feedback after the fact. You can host a new giveaway every month or quarter to say thanks to your existing LMS clientele.

3. Start An Exclusive Social Media Group

A closed social media group exclusively for current clients shows that you care about their opinions and is a great way to retain LMS clients. It also gives them a place to share tips and experiences with other LMS users. You can even include links to helpful resources that improve the functionality of the system, like complimentary online training tutorials and guides. Members have to request to join so that you can keep the group sizes small. There’s always the option to start additional closed social media groups if overcrowding is a concern.

4. Create An Incentive Program

You are more likely to retain LMS clients if you reward them for their loyalty. They’ve stuck with your LMS through all the updates and revisions, especially if they were around during the initial testing phase. Granted, your LMS offers robust features that are worth every penny. Your client base might appreciate an incentive program that goes the extra mile, though. For example, a point-based system whereby they can earn credits each month they are subscribed to your SaaS, or a leaderboard that tracks the most client referrals and the top-ranking clients receive special perks.

5. Schedule Live VIP Upselling Events

You’re about to launch a new product or add-on software package that enhances the benefits of your core system. Why not give current LMS clients a sneak preview by hosting a live upselling event. Invest in a video conferencing tool and send out evites well in advance so that clients can RSVP. Then offer a special discount on the newest products for those who attend. This is your chance to promote the LMS features and make your clients feel like they’re VIPs. You can even do real-time giveaways during the event or free trials that allow them to try before they buy.

6. Set Up One-On-One Feedback Sessions

Certain LMS clients may want to express their opinions, just not in a public online discussion. Send an email and post on your social media platforms that you’d like to schedule one-on-one feedback sessions with anyone who’s interested. If you get an overwhelming response, try to narrow it down to clients who’ve been with your company the longest or those who have a history of interacting with your company and attending events in the past. During the feedback session, allow them to speak their mind about their experience with your LMS product. You can also host small group sessions if time’s an issue.

7. Host Monthly Events With Guest Hosts

This is another idea to retain LMS clients that involves live events, but is geared toward client education. Every month you host a free, exclusive event that features a different guest host. The host could be an industry expert who’d like to share training tips or a member of your own organization who offers a behind-the-scenes look at your R&D process. Guests have the opportunity to ask questions and explore topics that help them use the LMS more effectively. Create a list of topics and guest hosts for the upcoming months so that clients can determine which event they’d like to attend. This also allows them to think of questions or comments they’d like to express during the fact. You may need to host multiple events each month if there’s a great deal of interest. That way you can keep the attendee list short and give everyone the chance to participate in the conversation.

Your current LMS clients have already invested in your product. But that doesn’t mean you should stop trying to win them over. Devote marketing resources to retain LMS clients and not let them be tempted to seek out a replacement system. Remember, satisfied clients will advocate for your brand and help you generate more revenue for your LMS organization.

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