7 Top Tips For LMS Promotion On Social Media
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Promoting your LMS With Social Media

Your target audience already uses social media daily to read the latest news and promote their own products and services. Thus, it’s only natural that your LMS company follows suit and connects with clients on a more personal level. But how do you spark the virtual conversation and use social media to spread the word? These 7 tips can help you market your LMS product by tapping into the power of social networks.

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1. Create A Facebook Page

Facebook allows you to share a broad range of eLearning content with potential clients. There’s no character cap to worry about and you can include links to informative resources. Starting a Facebook page or group gives you a platform to promote your LMS to a wider audience. Those who are interested in your LMS software can follow the page for updates and special offers or become part of your closed group to access exclusive eLearning articles. For example, you might consider a monthly giveaway that requires followers to share the link. Ensure that your page/group includes your corporate branding to establish credibility. In addition, include links to your LMS sales page and other online marketing tools in your bio.

2. Create A Company Hashtag

Twitter hashtags ensure that all your eLearning articles show up in one place, instead of making clients search the site for relevant tweets. You can even create a hashtag for specific eLearning events, such as new LMS product launches or promos that you’re currently offering. Just make certain that the hashtag is memorable, but not overly complicated. Ideally, clients will eventually use the hashtag with their tweets in order to promote your product. As an example, share their positive experiences using your LMS software so that others are more likely to sign up, helping this way your LMS promotion.

3. Launch A Weekly Blog Series

There are many reasons why you should create a blog for your LMS, as it gives you the ability to establish yourself as an industry expert and improves your SEO. However, blogs also make it easy for your potential clients to interact with you, benefiting your LMS promotion. They can comment on eLearning articles and ask questions that pertain to the topic. Their suggestions may even provide material for future blog articles. For instance, they leave a question that warrants a longer response and may be of interest to other readers. Try to set up a weekly blogging schedule to mix things up. Cover a new LMS feature or benefit in every eLearning article, or invite a guest contributor who can offer a unique perspective of your LMS product. For example, a client who successfully implemented the software for their non-profit organization.

4. Join Social Media Networking Groups

This is a more indirect form of marketing, but it has the potential to significantly increase your sales if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to the LMS promotion. There are a variety of online networking groups to consider. Look for ones that cater to your niche and have active members. Remember that networking groups require give and take. You must offer tips that can benefit other organizations in exchange for information that enhances your LMS marketing strategy. Ideally, the group should center on eLearning or online marketing, but avoid those that are oversaturated with other LMS companies with the same target audience.

5. Host Live Q&A Events

Some potential clients may have questions or concerns they need to address before making their final decision. A live social media Q&A offers them a chance to interact with you directly and get the answers they’re looking for. They can also benefit from questions that other participants ask during the event. Choose your preferred online platform and announce the Q&A event in advance so that everyone has time to compile a list of queries. Facebook even gives you the option to host live video events so that clients can put a face to your company. Plus, you can record the session for later viewing, just in case interested followers cannot attend. All the above options make up for a solid LMS promotion strategy.

6. Produce Viral-Worthy Videos

A social media marketing avenue that’s often overlooked is YouTube. You can produce a share-worthy video to promote your LMS to reach a new audience. YouTube also gives you the opportunity to start your own corporate channel to highlight various aspects of your LMS product. For example, a video series that explores a new LMS feature every week and ties it into practical uses, or online training tutorials that show users how to get more from the LMS platform. This can give potential clients a nudge to purchase the LMS product, particularly those who aren’t tech-savvy and need a little help setting up the Learning Management System. Use creative marketing tactics to encourage viewers to share the link with their network to increase your chances of going viral.

7. Monitor Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

You only have so much time to promote your LMS on social media, which is why you must monitor your marketing efforts to determine which techniques are paying off. If your Facebook page sees more visitors than your eLearning blog, you may want to devote your attention to the former. Analytics also give you the chance to track visitor engagement to customize your content. For instance, an eLearning article with skyrocketing stats indicates that readers are interested in that topic, so you might want to explore related ideas or tips in future articles.

Promotion on social media allows your product to garner the attention it deserves. Better still, you don’t have to break the bank to deliver your LMS sales pitch. Social networks give you the power to inform your client base and build credibility. Not to mention, generate share-worthy content that expands your market reach.

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