Best LMS Website Design: How To Create Powerful First Impressions Through Stunning Visuals

Best LMS Website Design: How To Create Powerful First Impressions Through Stunning Visuals
Summary: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So it's probably best practice to make your first impression a longlasting positive one. But after content and SEO, what boasts the perfect design for your site?

How To Create Powerful First Impressions Through Stunning Visuals

Besides having optimized your SEO, having invested in super solid web copy, jampacked with benefits and value, you have to make it look pretty too. You can have all the resources in the world and the best content marketers onboard, but your website will still need to gratify the eye. Make sure your website contains a lot of good, valuable resources. This will establish your authority as an LMS vendor, and help onlookers realize you won't be leaving the eLearning scene anytime soon. Proclaiming you are here to stay and here to deliver a consistent standard of high-quality and free content. The combination "communication" package of SEO content and design will help you establish a great online presence.

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Reaping Rewards Of A Ravishing Site

If you do all of these things and put in an enormous amount of work into communicating on and via your site, you will see higher conversion rates, longer average time on your website, and it is likely you will establish a great first impression. In turn, this will make it much more likely for prospects to turn into customers. The visual aspect may be the most important aspect of your whole site. Where you can reel clients in because of the expert look you radiate and the instantaneous sense of professionalism you exude. As with any site, visitors will subconsciously equate the quality of your website to the quality of your product. It's like not going to that grimy looking restaurant, which just happens to serve the best food in town. Except you don't figure out that it's delicious until someone tells you it is amazing because they gave the restaurant the benefit of the doubt. You don't want visitors to give you the benefit of the doubt that you "might be the best out there", despite the difficulty of navigation, broken images or poor design.

How To Design Like A Pro

You don't have to get extremely fancy with how things look. Instead, if you make sure the basics are in check with a clean cut, perhaps minimalistic and clear design, you will be sure to leave a fabulous first impression. There are lots of ideas and techniques to execute to make sure your website looks attractive and professional. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Make sure to implement features, whilst realizing that you need to emphasize the benefits for the buyers. Generally, some big budget buyers are very aware and conscious of the elements they need to incorporate. They are looking for requirements such as gamification, responsive mobile, content authoring tool, and xAPI.
  • As for potential buyers being able to see what your unique product is as fast as possible, the same goes for your buyers being steered in the right direction visually. That when they land on your site, they see whatever it is they are looking to buy straight away. Can't find the product immediately or site loading slowly? Bad for conversion!
  • On top of that, think 'bullet points' as to make your offering insightful in a structured manner but pour it into a two-sentence engaging story which appeals to the buyers "problem language".
  • The second important feature of your site should be focused on making sure the layout is modern. Most people associate "modern" with ease of use. So make sure that your site is very "easy to use". If it looks good, buyers will feel that the professionalism of the website transcends onto them. Deep down they want a product that equates them to the same professional standard they have in regard to their own product; making them modern and cutting edge to their learning audience and company executives. It's in your best interest to incorporate this into your website too.

Your mission, vision and overall goals for the future will altogether help determine which style you consider most suitable for your website. Nothing is obligatory, as long as the strategy is aligned with clear set goals and some proper thought has been put into it! You can go for a modern, clean look with a simple, airy layout which is easy to read. Or you can show innovative animations, apply striking bursts of color and display some visually appealing screenshots. The options are endless.

Mobile First Friendliness

Besides being aesthetically appealing, "mobile first" is an ever applicable and necessary category. It applies to design, too. Chances are likely that you get most visits from mobile visitors instead of desktop visitors. The desktop version often gets a rather unfairly distributed amount of attention. Most of us focus on the desktop version of our site. Nowadays themes in WordPress have taken this mobile-friendly approach into account by automating the application. Giving you immediate preview access to a so-called "mobile view". You could even go as far as designing for mobile friendliness first and afterward tailoring to desktop needs.

Design As If Your Business Depends On It

Try to make sure your whole site has incorporated some fluid, easy navigation and scrolling abilities. So overall it feels good to interact with. Not only looking great but maintaining a great balance between text and image. Minimalism also works great. Resisting the urge to be all fancy and giving in to the 'KISS' concept where simplicity rules. And which generally facilitates great user experiences. Potential buyers would never get lost. Make sure to cut the clutter and give the site all of your TLC. Resist the urge to scream innovation and find peace in simplicity. You might just find that the reward is immense. Start with this eBook: Top 10 Best LMS Websites 2019 for a magnificent start on website design.

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