eLearning Event Promotion: 6 Ways To Promote Your Event Online

eLearning Event Promotion: 6 Ways To Promote Your Event Online
Summary: Finding creative ways to promote attendance for your learning event is a smart idea. Thus, we've done our research and found the best event promo strategies you can run to start seeing more registrations for your upcoming projects.

Promote Your eLearning Event Online In 6 Easy Steps

Curious about what makes eLearning event promotion work? Worry not, because in this article I'll share some ideas to help you out! If you find it hard to get more attendees to your eLearning events, you're definitely not alone. Undoubtedly, choosing a great speaker and offering great content is essential but giving enough time to promote the event is even more critical. This includes promotional emails and engagement before and after the event. Or, maybe it would be more effective to promote it on your website or community forums along with registration links.

Let's find out some strategies you can try!

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Here Are Some Smart Ideas To Increase Event Registrations

1. Post It To Event Listing Sites

If you're not telling anyone about your eLearning event, you probably won't see many people registering! Luckily, there are plenty of listing sites that let you promote your upcoming assets. Places such as Yelp, Eventbrite, Eventful, DevTownStation, Evvnt, EventsGet, Yapsody, Colloq, All Tech Conferences, PaperCrowd, 10Times, and ConfsTech are helpful. They only require a few steps to post your event on their websites.

Hence, you can use all the above places to promote your next eLearning event or webinar to get a large audience. However, if you're looking for quality lead registrations, then you should consider finding niche-related platforms and directories to add your eLearning event listing.

For example, event announcements on eLearning Industry can be used to promote your event to 936,000+ industry influencers! eLearning event promotion doesn't get better than that, right?

2. Write An Article About It

There are plenty of reasons why you should write about your event and the best one is: to get traffic to your registration landing page! Yep, that's right. If you focus on crafting great content that targets your ideal buyers, you'll have them right at your fingertips.

The key here is to identify the right topic for your eLearning event beforehand. Then, you simply create a catchy title based on your buyer personas' search intent and you have increased chances of users finding your event through search engines. Of course, writing good content is not as easy as it sounds, and for it to work, you need to know what you're doing. One thing is certain, writing content about it beforehand will surely help your eLearning event promotion.

Plus, you can always start guest posting on other websites that have a proven record of increased traffic or are niche-specific. Audience relevance will make your article even more attention-grabbing, and who knows, you might actually see your registrations skyrocket!

3. Leverage Various Email Marketing Channels

Are you 100% sure you're getting the most out of your email marketing event promotion? Maybe not if you haven't segmented your event email marketing data. One of the proven ways to segment your contact database is by industry. Another standard method is to focus on the job role of your subscribers. Of course, you can always target the geographic regions of your preference. Whichever way you choose to personalize your email list, segmenting your emails with filters is a great way to increase engagement levels. Above all, it will help you stand out to your audience.

Indeed, creating eLearning event promotion campaigns at least 5 weeks before the event is a great strategy to drive engagement. So, make sure to send several follow-ups as you're trying to build up the hype.

What if your subscribers are not enough to get the event registrations you need? Well, in case you haven't started filling up your database with fresh targeted leads, then you can reach out to educational, business, or niche-related websites and asked them to spread the word. For example, most websites send out a weekly email newsletter. Why not get a newsletter featured placement and leverage their audience to get more registrants to participate in your online event?

4. Post A Press Release

Within the context of public relations and digital marketing strategy, the distribution of press releases is one the most cost-effective and potent means of raising awareness about your eLearning events. Institutions, including small businesses, rely on eLearning events to establish relationships, mainly via goodwill and mutual understanding. Of course, you have to make sure you know how to write a press release and choose the best way to distribute it if you want to gain optimal results.

Such events play a vital role in fostering and maintaining positive relationships with the public. Plus, they help you reach specific target audiences by getting a chance for personal interaction and experiences. Thus, bringing significant impact to your business. Therefore, you should promote your eLearning events among target groups by timely distributing a particular type of press release, which is considered one of the most effective communication tools available to PR professionals.

5. Spread The News On Social Media

eLearning Industry’s social media channels bring a constant flow of new registrations for our webinars. The secret here is to find the right channel where your target audience likes to hang out. If you don't have a big following, don't feel lost since you can always reach out to influencers and niche-related websites to get the word out about your precious eLearning event. Promotion through such media is of the utmost importance.

Also, consider that social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn can act as free webinar listing sites. Do you know how to use these as webinar listing sites? If not, maybe you should start reading about it. For example, you can list your webinars as a Facebook or LinkedIn event. Then, you simply let people RSVP. When listing your event on Facebook or LinkedIn, it is essential to select the right keywords. This will help the platform recommend your event to the right audience.

In addition, you can promote your event on Instagram by posting a creative graphic about it. Make sure to give the viewers all the incentives they need. After all, your goal is to capture the attention of your followers and entice them to subscribe! Don't forget to also include relevant hashtags in your post. This way, your can increase your audience reach.

Another trick you can try is to share your event post on your stories, even better if you use the countdown feature to encourage your audience and create a sense of urgency that will help them sign up. Need more info? Make sure to read these tips on social media eLearning event promotion.

6. Use An Influencer To Co-Market Your eLearning Event

Why not work with your eLearning presenter to come up with additional event promotion ideas? For example, you can request that your speaker sends out supplementary social posts or emails to their own following. Depending on the presenter's position, who knows, they might have a qualified database that you can reach out to as well.

Talking about co-marketing, I've seen its effectiveness first hand. After all, we’ve run hundreds of successful eLearning events with our partners. Another proven co-marketing tactic is to leverage various eLearning and continuing education institutions, associations, and organizations, especially if you or your presenter are members of some of those. By reaching out to the above communications or marketing coordinators, you're likely to up your participant count. Best of all? It's effortless. Just send a polished blurb and a link to the registration page, and you're set!

Think about your connections in the greater education community, and make use of them! If that's not eLearning event promotion at its best, I don't know what is...


Truth be told, eLearning events, apart from increasing profits and sales, can help you spread awareness about your company and build your brand. Plus, it's an awesome way to convey what you do. By leveraging eLearning events, you can establish connections between you and your customers. Or better yet, you have the chance to reach a targeted community.

Whether it's an educational conference about your software or you simply want to share valuable tips with a targeted audience, it's important to your business and (even if they don't know it yet) to your customers. So, you need to make sure with every medium possible to get the word out about your upcoming event. Be it through content marketing, emails blasts, press releases, event directory listings, or social media if you plan it well, you'll succeed.

Thankfully, eLearning Industry can help you set the goals and budget to help promote your event!

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