6 Freebies To Offer During Your Next LMS Marketing Campaign

6 Freebies To Offer During Your Next LMS Marketing Campaign
Summary: Everybody loves free stuff, especially in the world of corporate gifting. But what kind of freebies would make someone want to sign up for your LMS? In this article, I’ll highlight 6 free items you may want to consider for your LMS content marketing campaign.

Cost-Effective Gifts To Offer During Your Next LMS Marketing Campaign

Enticing customers with free gifts is one of the oldest marketing tactics in the world. It’s a convenient way to offer potential customers a taste of your products or services. The plan is they’ll like the samples so much that they’ll come back and buy something. It works pretty well with consumables like food and beverages, but how does it apply to intellectual property? What gifts can you offer that will entice eLearning customers to buy your online training software?

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Here Are 6 Cost-Effective Ideas To Make Your LMS Marketing Campaign A Success

So, you've set your goals straight and you're now ready to spread the word about your special product with a new LMS marketing campaign. In order for your efforts to bring results, you'll have to create enticing Call-To-Action flows or even offer freebies. This approach will make prospects get to a decision faster. "What's in it for them?" This is the question you've got to answer. Offering eLearning content sometimes is not enough. eLearning marketers have to pick users' interest with alert style messages as well.

To lead potential buyers into clicking that precious free-trial or demo button, you have to persuade them that your LMS product is worth a try. You can combine the creation of valuable LMS content with marketing automation and the use of alerts to increase conversions. In addition to highlighting top features and use cases, you might as well try some of the below tactics!

1. A Free Trial Is A Must-Have For Any LMS Marketing Campaign

These days, trial periods are a standard feature of any online product. Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee customers will continue the service after their trial. Some customers even have systems where they get perpetual free service by jumping from one free trial to another. Use a different approach in your LMS marketing campaign. Run your LMS free trial for only a limited period and install a countdown on the landing page. The sense of urgency will prompt more customers to try it, widening the sales funnel. This gives you more leads to follow up into sales.

While it’s still not certain that everyone that tries the LMS will purchase it, it does improve your numbers game. You can also send reminders once a week, in case they haven’t gotten around to logging in. Lastly, always follow up with prospects after the LMS free trial expires to ensure they don’t have any questions or concerns. They’re more likely to sign up if you appease their worries and reassure them that your LMS product can remedy their online training pain points.

2. Fun Feedback-Driven Quizzes To Engage Prospects

Another option is to have the LMS free trial at the end of a survey and tailor it better. You can use banner ads to find corporates looking for a specific training topic. Give them a fun quiz-like survey to identify their online training needs. Make sure it’s designed like a game so that they enjoy it and don’t drop off. The questions should be designed to lead them toward your LMS product. For example, ask about things you’re sure they want in a platform, and that you know your LMS provides. At the end of the little "game show," give them a sample demo about their selected topic.

This is more contextual and convincing than free reign of the entire software. Narrower focus gives them a tighter, more nuanced User Experience. It also avoids cases where customers are overwhelmed by the scope of the LMS free trial. Many customers sign up for free use but some get so paralyzed by the choices and endless functions that they don’t use it at all.

3. A Referential eBook With Valuable eLearning Content

The advertorial questionnaire I mentioned above can have an alternate ending. Instead of an interactive session with your LMS, offer an eBook. It must be directly linked to their questions, so they feel you’re meeting their needs in a very specific way. This makes them feel pampered and builds up their trust in you. In the same way this eBook answered their questions, they’ll believe your LMS will fill their online training needs. Take your time in designing the questionnaire so that it’s engaging and targeted. You can even have multiple paths that lead to multiple eBooks, widening your potential sales net.

Another option is to offer a guide in exchange for their email information. This allows you to expand your marketing list to add interested, qualified leads who are more likely to purchase. Don't forget that eBooks are great lead magnets. Visit our eLearning eBook section to learn how you can increase your lead collection with our proven content marketing strategies.

4. Customized Gift Packages For L&D Professionals

Personalized gifts that are memorable and relevant to your industry are a good bet. Classy, branded merchandise offers free advertising. Don’t go for standard mugs and T-shirts. Brand a USB, a stylus and tablet, an attaché case, or a business cardholder. You can also offer service-based freebies.

If someone big in your industry is hosting a seminar, give out tickets. Create an exclusive club and offer free membership. It should be a tight circle of power executives, CEOs, and your potential customers. As part of the club, your prospects can get one-on-one advice sessions with known experts. They might get lunch dates or one-day passes to top networking spots.

5. Invites To Exclusive Live Events

Host a monthly live event that’s exclusively for members of your marketing list. The catch is that they have to opt in by providing their contact details or sign up for your LMS free trial or demo. Invite a different guest host every month to mix things up and entice different demographics, for example, an L&D manager who can share their LMS success stories. This is also your opportunity to not only promote the unique selling points of your LMS but also to answer any pressing questions prospects have.

6. Add-Ons And Upgrades

Offer free downloads, add-ons, or upgrades to those who sign up for your LMS during a specific time frame. For instance, organizations that purchase your product this month get a free advanced support package for the first quarter. Or they receive the next package up in your pricing plan for the first month, at no extra charge. You can also give them a free demo of the free service/upgrade so they know what they’re getting.

In theory, offering someone a free gift makes them want to return the favor. In the case of LMS content marketing, that involves building brand loyalty and purchasing your LMS product. Just remember, freebies are a good way to get clients in the door, but be sure to follow up with a solid strategy to keep them coming back.

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