eBook Release: How eLearning Organizations Can Drive Profitable Enrollments At Scale With Google Ads In 2020

How eLearning Organizations Can Drive Profitable Enrollments At Scale With Google Ads In 2020
Summary: Everybody is striving to increase enrollment in their courses. It is a very important aspect of scaling up. But is there a method to it? Of course there is, and Grow Enrollments is sharing all their secrets.

Why Scaling Up Enrollments Should Be Your Main Focus

Scaling your organization means preparing to induce and promote growth in your company. It is about being able to grow by surpassing your limitations. It requires a well calculated budget, funds, the right people, and the correct strategy. For organizations that provide eLearning, that strategy should absolutely aim to increase enrollments.

eBook Release: How eLearning Organizations Can Drive Profitable Enrollments At Scale With Google Ads In 2020
eBook Release
How eLearning Organizations Can Drive Profitable Enrollments At Scale With Google Ads In 2020
Increase enrollment in your eLearning courses.

This eBook goes straight to the point. Grow Enrollments has huge experience in helping organizations grow their enrollments, as their namesake suggests, and this eBook is a testament to their ability to achieve just that.

Understanding The Latest Trends In Student Digital Engagement

Before anything else, it is essential to understand the role of the latest trends in this. Engaging students, or learners from all walks of life, in a way that seems relevant and focuses on their needs is vital. The first chapter poses interesting questions, such as:

  • How students are conducting their research (on which devices, channels, etc.)
  • What students are researching (which questions they are asking, which keywords they are searching, which YouTube videos they are watching, which blog articles they  are reading, etc.)
  • How students are making the decision to choose one opportunity over another

These questions provide the necessary framework that will help you increase enrollment.

Get To Know Your Audience

The next chapters highlight why getting to know your target audience is an essential step in implementing any enrollment strategy. If you want your content to work efficiently with your consumers, it needs to be tailored to their preferences. Knowing your audience helps you plan according to what kinds of things they want from your company. Understanding the various types of audience categories that Google Ads is offering will provide the insight you need to make more efficient strategic decisions. Furthermore, this will enable you to understand your prospects’ likes and dislikes when delivering the appropriate marketing message with optimal timing, whether you’re using Search, Display, or YouTube.

Enter Omnichannel Marketing

Another thing I enjoyed in this eBook is the mention of omnichannel marketing. The term “omnichannel” is trending a lot, but it describes something particular: organizations now need to provide a uniquely seamless experience, regardless of platform or device. Potential enrollments can now engage with the organization on an online website or mobile app through a catalog, social media, or even physical headquarters. To increase enrollment, each piece of this experience should be consistent and complementary. Developing an omnichannel approach will give you the ability to be at the right place at the right time.

Understanding Campaign Structure And Strategies

The basic framework of AdWords accounts is relatively simple, but how to actually structure them is where advertisers can use some direction. The next chapter will help you understand what your strategy is before moving forward.

An online marketing campaign should always use search engine marketing (SEM) in their strategy. There is a good reason for that. SEM is the way to achieve goals that many other strategies can't achieve by themselves. SEM will allow your business to enjoy increased visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. If done correctly, it will help you engage with your target audience in an efficient way. Due to the fact that most searchers are often ready to make a purchase, SEM can greatly help you achieve your marketing and sales goals, as it drives qualified traffic to your website.

 Campaign structure within Google Ads does not get the appreciation it deserves. If you develop the right campaign structure, you will also have created the perfect foundation for your campaigns for quite a few years. If you fail to do this though, your campaigns will not work efficiently. Expect them to deliver inconsistent numbers of leads and leads of inconsistent quality. This will eventually lead to frustration, confusion, and ultimately a significant drop in enrollments.

Using Automation Of Google Ads To Increase Enrollments

This eBook also emphasized the importance of automation in Google Ads, something I really believe in as well. Plenty of marketers are using third-party bidding tools in order to automate their campaigns. There are some benefits to this; these tools give the option of measuring additional data signals, therefore optimizing accounts in ways that human beings could never do on their own. Another one of the benefits of automated tools is that they can optimize themselves in "real time."

This is only an approximation, of course, since they can not achieve true auction time adjustment, but they do get pretty close. During the past years, Google has made leaps in improving its own automated bidding solutions. These are integrated into the Google Ads platform. Google automation is the only surefire way to perform auction time bidding optimizations. This has incredible advantages. With countless data signals going into every auction, the bidding is optimized in accordance with the account’s goals for each case individually. Automation used to be a way to alleviate the pressure of manual bidding, while occasionally introducing another layer of data. Now, automation is driving massive improvements in performance, leaving manual-based strategies in the dust.

In Conclusion

The eBook "How eLearning Organizations Can Drive Profitable Enrollments At Scale With Google Ads In 2020" is a great source of information that focuses on exactly what the title says. Grow Enrollments are incredibly knowledgable in their field, and everyone will benefit from listening to their advice.

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