Writing Top Notch Content - And How To Engage LMS Buyers

Writing Top Notch Content - And How To Engage LMS Buyers
Summary: If you aren't a professional writer yourself, it can be hard even to know where to start, let alone to proceed after you have jotted something down. Still, it is of enormous importance that your content is of very high quality. But how do you implement professional writing without having an in-house writer?

Some Invaluable Tips For Writing Top Notch Content - How To Engage LMS Buyers The Right Way

Even though all of your web content and traffic is important, you definitely should intend to target the buyer of your product. If not for them you would have a hard time existing amongst the niche market you live in and amongst. For this reason, your web copy should be entirely focused on targeting the ideal LMS buyer. The whole package of all the content you provide your readers with should be funneled down to interest those who are most likely wanting to buy your content. The ideal LMS buyer should be able to find your content fast and more importantly, it would be great if they liked what they read, which in turn would trigger them to share the information, which would generate other potential buyers, and so forth...

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Great Writing Tips For Non-Writers

By this time you understand you need to write great content.

In turn, this content should adhere to three clear criteria. Use your time by investing in content which:

  • Creates a great first impression
  • Engages your ideal buyer
  • Differentiates you from the rest

There are about 300 or so other LMSs that are competing for the buyer's attention. All in their own creative manner, with talented marketing teams who may very well have greater budgets for spending on content. There is a whole ocean online to be found on how to construct great articles, content which really contributes to a high-ranking site. In order to do so, you could do the following. Present a specific and compelling value proposition. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you are looking for info about a particular product? You want to know if the website you are currently on is actually offering the product you need, or if it contains essential info concerning what you are looking for. Clarity reigns in the land of the ambiguous. Make sure, besides having a site which loads quickly and effortlessly, that it is conveyed immediately what you are selling. For whom. And which applications it can be used for. Preferably even without scrolling down, wanting to see your core selling point and value attribution at the top.

Competitive Criteria: Separating the wheat from the literary chaff

You might be the ideal candidate to solve a buyer's problem. But it needs to become clear immediately if you are able to do so. Let's specify which criteria determine whether you have implemented it clearly, about what your specific and compelling value proposition consists of. And if you have done so to the fullest extent:

  • It needs to be clear and concise – Less is more – Brevity is best
  • Does it solve the biggest problem a potential client faces? Do you address the issues clearly and can you formulate the perfect solution? Always focused on the value you can have for the client?
  • Besides the fact that you "are great and do everything perfectly when it comes to LMS", what makes you and your whole business proposition unique? Why not go to the next vendor with a nicer website, a more concise message and a marketing budget 20 times higher than yours? What is your niche and how could you capitalize on that?
  • Have you expressed your proposition smartly? Is it realistic? Does it sound realistic? If? Does it possibly lack authenticity? Be careful not to oversell yourself at risk of losing credibility as Learning Management Snakeoil salesman.

In case you have a revolutionary product which wows everyone, at first sight, feel free to present it proudly. Get into the details of the procedure of how you work, explaining what the value is for the client. Not that your product is great merely because "it's great." Be a little apprehensive when you present the market with new innovative technologies. Technologies which could be copied by the next best company over the period of a few months. Which potentially could put you at zero again. Focus on the problem-solving element for the client, that is something which you will be able to sell on.

Need-To-Ask Questions For Style Implementation

There are a whole variety of approaches you can take. Appealing to lots of different styles of readers. It can be a trial and error process where you can track response time, CTR's and other data linked to how people interact with your site.

Do you want potential prospects to remember your website for a later day? Do you want them to immediately participate in a trial version of your product? Based on the answers to these questions you can determine which content you place where and in what form.
Do you want to appeal to corporate or to educators? To a sense of new innovative technologies or old school methodologies?
Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words. Hire someone who knows what they are writing about, to eventually make all the difference when it comes to delivering witty copy which sells but doesn't sell at the same time. If you read what I write.

Professional Copywriting

In case you don't have the budget nor the desire for a professional copywriter, here are some final tips to write better copy without sounding like an amateur. Whilst writing, keep the following in mind:

  • Value for your customers over features of the product. Yes, the product is great. But how do you make your potential prospects feel they can become super vendors?
  • Follow this previous idea to adapt it to a language that they understand, by trying to align your product with their problem. And offering all they need to sell it to them.
  • Keep it simple stupid: The KISS principle says that most methods operate properly if they are kept simple rather than made complex; therefore, simplicity should be a key goal in execution, and needless complexity should be circumvented.
  • Don't be scared. You can be witty without the risk of being considered an anarchistic clown. If there is a fine balance of humor and professionalism. Don't worry about deterring your audience; a lighthearted approach will add a touch of fresh air to the sometimes heavyhearted eLearning content.

All of these tips together should help you in the right direction. Consult the following eBook: Top 10 Best LMS Websites 2019 to have an even more in-depth perspective. Have fun writing!

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