Are The "Holy Grails" Of Customer Education Achievable? [Webinar]

Are The "Holy Grails" Of Customer Education Achievable?
Summary: This webinar is packed with insights from Adobe's director of digital learning evangelism to help you leverage a customer education strategy to improve adoption rates and CX scores.

Adoption, CSAT, Demand-Gen & Cost Reduction: Are The "Holy Grails" Of Customer Education Achievable?

Brand evangelism isn't easy to come by. There are a variety of factors that turn casual consumers into loyalists who bring in repeat business and help you build solid social proof. So, how do you keep them in the know and engage with them at all the crucial touchpoints? In this webinar, Allen Partridge, Ph.D., Director of Digital Learning Evangelism at Adobe, offers valuable insights to launch customer training initiatives that put the "Holy Grails" of consumer education within your reach.

Adoption, CSAT, Demand-Gen & Cost Reduction; Are the ‘Holy Grails’ of Customer Education Achievable?
Turn customers into loyal brand advocates by harnessing the power of customer training!

The Value Of A High-Impact Customer Education Strategy In The Digital Era

Big Data just keeps getting bigger, and organizations must find a way to measure customer satisfaction and not simply maintain the status quo. Fortunately, businesses can use modern tech to enlighten customers, reduce return rates, and improve overall satisfaction. Another notable perk is being able to establish social proof and build a solid brand reputation. Well-informed customers are more likely to spread the word about their positive experiences thanks to social media and online training platforms.

About This Webinar

Attendees will learn how to convert consumers into loyal brand advocates through a holistic customer education strategy. Here's a brief glimpse of what you can expect from this webinar:

  • How to map stages in a customer’s life cycle and the value you generate at every stage
  • The many ways that consumer education impacts product adoption, cost reduction, community building, and demand generation
  • Hidden upsell opportunities your organization can tap into and how training ties into customer satisfaction scores
  • Secrets to leverage Adobe Captivate Prime (Adobe’s LMS) to build brand loyalty and boost CX
  • How integrating marketing/campaign management software helps you target crucial inflection points at every phase of the customer journey

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