8 Attributes That Set Successful eLearning Project Managers A Cut Above The Rest
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8 Attributes That Top-Notch eLearning Project Managers Possess

eLearning Project Managers wear a lot of hats. Not only do they act as liaisons between the client and fellow collaborators but they also delegate tasks, manage resources, and keep track of the eLearning course development timeline. To reach the top of their game, eLearning Project Managers have to hone a broad range of skills and continually build their knowledge base. Here are 8 things that set successful eLearning Project Managers a cut above the rest.

1. Know How To Utilize The Talents Of Their eLearning Team Wisely

Effective eLearning Project Managers know the strengths and weaknesses of every member of their eLearning team. They also know how to make the most of their talents for the benefit of the entire group and, ultimately, online learners. These top-performing eLearning professionals can even help other individuals expand their skills and knowledge to bridge personal gaps without publicly drawing attention to their areas of improvement or making them feel inadequate. Successful eLearning Project Managers are exceptional resource allocators and sources of inspiration for the entire eLearning team.

2. Welcome Feedback From Their Peers

Just as eLearning Project Managers know how to bring out the best of their eLearning team, they also understand the importance of personal improvement. They welcome feedback from their peers and use the information to continually develop their skills. In fact, successful eLearning Project Managers may even conduct surveys at the end of an eLearning project to get their eLearning team’s input, or host a wrap-up meeting to openly discuss the group dynamic and shed light on their own areas for improvement.

3. Acknowledge And Respect Their Own Limits

Everyone has a breaking point. A limit they reach when they’re overwhelmed or stressed by a situation. Successful eLearning Project Managers know their own boundaries and respect them. They still test them from time to time to see if the line has moved since, but they never try to take on too much at once. Instead, they delegate tasks to those who are better equipped to take on the challenge. These eLearning Project Managers also know when it’s time to say ‘no’ in order to avoid mental burn out. Of course, they accomplish this tactfully so as not to offend other members of the eLearning team or their clients. Another important consideration is learning how to achieve a work/life balance, which is why it’s crucial to set specific office hours and disconnect from time to time.

4. Finely Tuned Organizational Skills

There are a lot of things happening simultaneously throughout an eLearning project, even those with a smaller scope that involve fewer tasks. Thus, successful eLearning Project Managers must have a knack for organization and planning. They must ensure that every piece of the puzzle fits together just so and that every member has the resources they require. As the saying goes, they have to keep all the plates spinning. Organizational skills also tie into the next item on our eLearning Project Manager trait checklist.

5. Set A Schedule And Stick To It

Virtually all eLearning projects have deadlines and milestones. Successful eLearning Project Managers have to work within that time frame to develop high-quality content for their clients. Thus, they must be able to set a schedule and actually stick to it. More importantly, they must ensure that every member of their eLearning team has the support they need to stay on track and deliver on time. It takes more than just an agenda. In fact, successful eLearning Project Managers use a broad range of tools to track tasks, such as PM platforms and online calendar apps with automatic notifications.

6. Never Stop Learning

You are developing content that helps others build skills and achieve their goals. But you must also be a lifelong learner yourself. Successful eLearning Project Managers never stop indulging their curiosity and seeking out answers to important questions. As a matter of fact, every question is an opportunity to learn something new that may be of use for future eLearning projects. eLearning Project Managers also attend workshops, eLearning conferences, or online events to brush up on their eLearning knowledge and skills. Lastly, they aren’t afraid to admit it when they don’t know something and take the time to explore it on their own.

7. Openly Communicate With Clients

There must be an open line of communication with the client throughout the entire eLearning project. This helps to ensure that everyone is still on the same wavelength, and that the goals and outcomes are a top priority. Some eLearning Project Managers choose to meet with their client every week via video conferencing to discuss modifications or gather feedback, while others wait until each stage of the eLearning project has been completed to collect valuable input. There’s also the important matter of communicating effectively with your eLearning team. Everyone must be aware of the eLearning project’s guidelines and requirements, as well as have access to support resources that help resolve conflicts quickly.

8. Know How To Lead And Follow

There are times when eLearning Project Managers need to take a step back and play a less active role. For example, let the Subject Matter Expert take the lead so that they can convey the key takeaways and give the group a crash course on the topic. The secret is knowing when it’s time to lead and time to follow. Then being able to relinquish control temporarily so that someone else can do their job more effectively. This can be a challenging feat for some eLearning Project Managers, as it’s a natural leadership role.

Successful eLearning Project Managers may seem like super heroes. After all, it takes a unique talent to keep everyone happy and create amazing eLearning content before the deadline. However, anyone can rise to the top with dedication, experience, and a guide that shares insider secrets.

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