3 Key Benefits Of An Extended Enterprise LMS

3 Key Benefits Of An Extended Enterprise LMS
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Summary: Why could an extended enterprise LMS be better for your training business instead of a normal LMS? Let's take a look at the key benefits of an extended enterprise LMS.

What The 3 Most Important Benefits Of An Extended Enterprise LMS Are

If you offer eLearning as part of your training business, you will need to have a reliable LMS (Learning Management System) in place to ensure your business serves its customers efficiently.

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One option for your LMS is to look at extended enterprise Learning Management System options to see if this would work well for your training business.

An extended enterprise LMS means that you can still manage all your eLearning tasks and courses from one central point, but you can customize the look and content that will appear in different instances of the LMS. This allows you to tailor it depending on which customer is using the LMS, and what courses they need to see as part of their training.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits you can expect if you decide to use an extended enterprise LMS in your business. You are offered the ability to:

1. Brand And Customize LMS Interface

One huge benefit of extended enterprise Learning Management Systems is the ability to customize the look and feel of the LMS to suit your audience. You may only want to brand your LMS to reflect your brand, but you could also brand different instances of your LMS to satisfy the customers which will be using them.

This is particularly handy if you sell eLearning courses to entire businesses where a lot of their staff members will be using it at the same time, as you could then brand the LMS to suit their business.

You will also be able to customize the content which is accessible through each instance of your LMS, to ensure everyone only has access to the content they need and have purchased from your training company. This is an easy way to split up your eLearning content across your different customers and give each user a completely customized experience.

2. Serve Lots Of Customers

Offering an extending enterprise LMS will give you the possibility to serve a lot more customers than you were able to before. Let’s look at some of the ways you can increase your customer base and, therefore, your revenue!

  • Offering eLearning in the first place will allow you to serve a lot more customers than if you were merely offering classroom-based sessions because you won’t be limited by things such as:
    • The size of your classrooms.
    • The location of your training centers, as typically you will only attract customers who live close to your offices if you only offer classroom-based sessions. eLearning means anyone from anywhere in the world could purchase training from you.
    • The amount of free teaching time your teaching staff has.
    • The amount of teaching staff you employ.
    • The number of hours in the day!
    • You don’t need to have a full-time instructor who is an expert in each subject you offer, as you can buy off-the-shelf eLearning content for your courses.
  • Making a move to extended enterprise will also give you the chance to serve larger customers and provide them with a personalized experience. This could be things like delivering internal training for a large company where all of their staff will be logging into your Learning Management System at the same time from their individual computers. If you offer the ability to customize the learning experience for each of your enterprise customers, it means that you can control the course content and the branding of each LMS instance. This means you can serve as many of these larger customers as you want, as you can create as many customized LMS instances as you need to!

3. Detailed Reporting

One huge benefit of an extended enterprise Learning Management System is how easy it will be to report on all your eLearning courses from one place. Instead of potentially having lots of different Learning Management Systems to run your various customized options for different customers, extended enterprise means you can offer all of this from one system.

This means when it’s time for reporting, you can report on everything from the one place instead of having to export and import lots of data from various other systems to get a full picture of all your eLearning courses.

Not only will this save you lots of time when you need to produce your reports, but it will also cut down the chance of human error playing a part in your data as everything will be compiled automatically.