The Beginner’s Guide To LMS Solutions: Tips To Invest In The Best LMS For Your Organization

by Administrate

If you’re looking to implement a Learning Management System (LMS) into your training business, then this eBook is for you!


We cover everything you need to know when you’re shopping around for a new LMS, from tips on choosing the best LMS, hidden fees you should avoid, and implementation obstacles you need to avoid.


So, enjoy our ‘The Beginner’s Guide to LMS Solutions: Tips to Invest in the Best LMS for Your Organization’ eBook, and we hope it makes the LMS decision-making process much smoother!

Key Chapters

  1. The Importance Of Finding The Right LMS For Your eLearning Course

    Finding the right LMS can be a complicated process, but we’ve got some tips to ensure you find the perfect one for you, your business, and your customers!

  2. 7 Benefits Of Investing In A Learning Management System

    Thinking of investing in an LMS? There are lots of benefits that come from offering eLearning to your students. Read on to find out more!

  3. 10 Tips To Choose The Best LMS For Your Organization

    Check out our 10 tips for choosing the perfect
    LMS for your training business, so your customers get the best learning experience possible.

  4. 9 Hidden LMS Fees Every eLearning Pro Should Consider

    When shopping around for a new LMS, ensure you are clear on any additional costs involved to make sure you budget for your new software efficiently.

  5. 5 Top Features To Look For In Your Next Corporate eLearning LMS

    Are you in the marketing for a corporate LMS for internal eLearning? Here at the five things you need to look for!

  6. 5 Tips To Create An Accurate Budget For Your Next LMS

    How much can you afford to spend on a new LMS? Check out our tips for working out how much return you will get from your new software, so you know how much you can spend!

  7. 8 Top LMS Implementation Obstacles To Avoid

    Make the implementation of your new LMS a breeze by avoiding these common implementation obstacles.

  8. 3 Key Benefits Of An Extended Enterprise LMS

    Why could an extended enterprise LMS be better for your training business instead of a normal LMS? Let’s take a look at the key benefits of an extended enterprise LMS.

  9. 5 Essential LMS Reports Your Learning Management System Should Provide

    Reporting is a crucial feature of any LMS, and we’ve picked the top 5 LMS reports you need to be able to pull from your LMS reporting system.

  10. 6 Tips To Make The Most Of Your LMS Demo Or Free Trial

    Learn how you need to prepare for your LMS demo or your LMS free trial, before you get started, to ensure you use your time wisely and get the most out of them!

  11. Can You Afford Not To Have An LMS? How A Learning Management System Boosts ROI

    Thinking about buying an LMS but not sure if it’s worth the money? We’re here to tell you that you can’t afford to NOT have an LMS in your training company.

  12. 4 Reasons Why The Future Calls For LMS Integration

    What does the future hold for Learning Management Systems? If you offer eLearning to your students, read on to find out the software we think your LMS need to integrate with!

Every training business will have different needs, and there are so many systems on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve got some tips for you on how to pick the right LMS for the eLearning courses you offer as having an LMS in place is a vital eLearning tool!

Purchasing an LMS is one serious investment to make, and no one can deprive it of its importance. So, if you are looking for practical advice, that will help your research for finding the LMS that suits your organization the most, dive in the pages of this guide written by Administrate. You will learn all about features to look for and hidden fees to look out, together with tips on choosing the right one and creating an accurate budget. Furthermore, you’ll gain insight on LMS ROI, integration and extended enterprise. Do yourself a favor and read it. You’ll take the decision for the new LMS will confidence.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industy's Network