The Best Places To Post eLearning Jobs

Where To Post eLearning Jobs And Get Results 

The eLearning market is on track to grow by as much as 900% by the year 2020, with global projected revenues of nearly $38 billion. This is great news for hard-working people who come from a wide range of skills, backgrounds, and interests in the eLearning market. For recruiters, there are certain challenges with advertising for top eLearning jobs, due to persistent shortages in many key areas. For the novice eLearning recruiter, it can be tempting to post eLearning jobs to any of the major career boards, social networks, or to print news sources -- hoping for the best. But these are not effective methods by any means.

Major Job Boards No Longer Produce Results

Despite company efforts to optimize SEO on general job boards, it’s becoming useless. Many job seekers spend the bulk of their time conducting general search engine research on their own, trying for better results. They look to Google, Yahoo, and other search engines to get the job done for them with Boolean keyword searches.

What Does This Mean For eLearning Recruiters?

In order to get in front of the best talent, recruiters must focus on ways to appear in the first page of search engine results.

Based on research conducted by New York-based research and analytics firm, Conductor, very few Fortune 500 companies have natural search visibility. They’ve shown that around 72 percent of Fortune 500 companies never show up in search engine feeds for industry search terms. When compared to the job seekers who are actively searching for eLearning Jobs using these same search engines, it’s a sad fact that they may never find out about great opportunities; 74 percent of job seekers don’t go past the first page of populated results. Keep in mind too that over 80 percent of clicks happen “above the fold” or in the top half of any webpage.

Increasing Recruitment Effectiveness With Optimized Industry Websites

From an SEO perspective, companies need to do a better job of focusing their eLearning job descriptions and advertisements on websites that are in the top page and top half of all search engine results. Otherwise, the jobs will be buried underneath other web career portals and websites, never to be found by talent. Conductor research found that 39 percent of the time, users consider companies in the top page of results to be leaders in their specific fields. Is your job career board projecting this image, or for that matter, is your website ranking well in the search engines?

An eLearning industry website that is SEO optimized, contains an never-ending source of fresh news and content on the hottest eLearning topics, and is heavily linked to the leading minds in the eLearning market is your company’s best chance at being discovered by talent. It also elevates any organization to that of being viewed as top of the food chain.

So far, we’ve learned that the world of recruiting is changing and that there are some places that are vastly better for placing eLearning job leads and advertisements. Let’s explore this a little further.

1. Think Like Job Seekers, Not Like A Recruiter.

Attracting the best eLearning talent begins by understanding how they think about their careers, where they are looking for opportunities, and what they are interested in. Therefore, you must remove yourself from the goal of recruiting them, and focus on the goal of attracting them. eLearning professionals are seeking opportunities to learn, therefore they are apt to frequent websites and blogs where they can learn what’s trending in the eLearning markets. They want to learn about new technology, new methodology, and new ways of doing things. They want to hear about emerging theories of learning and companies entering the scene. Contribute some thought leadership content here and you will be viewed as an authority – someone worth learning more about.

2. Answer The "What’s In It For Me" Question.

If an eLearning candidate is not already working for a top-tier company, he or she is likely looking for an opportunity to elevate his or her value in the market. A candidate like this is golden, because they are looking for a better company that offers above-average compensation, projects, and can validate their skills in front of peers. If you can post a job advertisement with a leading eLearning jobs portal that clearly answers the WIIFM question, you are already halfway there to winning over a candidate like this.

3. Don’t Be Afraid Of Commitment.

Recruitment is a lot like dating, or so it’s been said. Many recruiters are afraid of making any long term commitments to any one method or source. But, things are changing and the “grown up” recruiters understand that the right relationship with the best eLearning job portal can pay off in dividends for years to come. This opens things up for new relationships too, with eLearning thought leaders, candidates, and clients. You just hit a goldmine of opportunity – kind of like marrying into a wealthy family!

A Quick Review

These are the secrets of success for the smart eLearning recruiter. To recap:

  1. Choose the industry leading, SEO-optimized eLearning portal to post eLearning jobs leads so they will be noticed on the first page and the top half of search engine results.
  2. Develop a long term relationship and partnership with the best eLearning job leads system to become an influencer and leading recruiter in this space.
  3. Contribute to the content and ideas of the eLearning market on a regular basis with fresh job leads, candidate attracting blog posts, and staying engaged in the conversation.

Do these things often and consistently to get the best results for your time as a recruitment professional.