7 Cost-Effective Ways To Fill Your eLearning Job Opening

7 Cost-Effective Ways To Fill Your eLearning Job Opening
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Summary: Building a successful eLearning organization begins with engaging the right team. But is it possible to assemble top notch talent on a budget?

Fill Your eLearning Job Opening: 7 Cost-Effective Ways To Consider

They say you have to spend money to make money, though this doesn’t necessarily apply to recruitment. Once your team is hired, it pays to offer competitive wages. But before they make their way into your payroll, you may want to cut the initial cost of hiring them. This way, you can focus your budget on training and retaining them. The risk of cheap job sites is you might end up with unskilled labour. Fortunately, this issue has been resolved by web-based hiring firms. You can spend next to nothing and still find enviable expertise. Here are 7 ways to fill your eLearning job opening on a limited budget.

1. Drop Your Hook On Facebook

Everyone hangs out on Facebook, so chances are your talent pool is active there as well. You could post a free ad on your organization’s Facebook page, or post in eLearning groups and job boards. If you’d like your job ad to have a little more reach, you can boost it. The amount you spend will depend on how long you want your ads to run. Costs also vary by selected demographics and geographical region. In addition, you might consider starting an eLearning job group to entice top candidates. This gives them the ability to ask questions about the position. Not to mention, you get to test out their communication and interpersonal skills.

2. Look To Your eLearning Network

Finding the right person for the job is yet another perk of having a vast eLearning network. Social media groups, discussion forums, and other online platforms are home to experienced eLearning professionals. If you’re a member, feel free to ask for hiring tips and tricks. There may even be potential candidates who can pitch their unique skills and talents. At the very least, they can recommend job sites they’ve used in the past. In addition, you may want to attend tradeshows or workshops in the area to put the word out. Networking groups are also a great way to let other eLearning pros know that you’re hiring.

3. Aggregate Job Boards

There are a variety of online job boards packed with eLearning candidates. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to effectively search them all and still run your business. Aggregate sites make life easier for recruiters by gathering information from those other sites and putting it in one place. They offer a good starting point by highlighting relevant posts that meet your criteria. Plus, aggregators don’t generally charge their users.

4. Post A Job Ad On eLearning Industry

eLearning Industry gives you the ability to post your job opening, where it can be seen by hundreds of thousands of eLearning pros. Your job listing goes live for an entire month, and you can choose from a number of pricing packages based on your needs. Candidates are even able to submit their applications directly to your email inbox. All of the job postings are responsive, which mean that on-the-go applicants are able to vie for the position. Last, but not least, you have the opportunity to manage all of your postings and applications in one centralized location.

5. Search Resume Repositories

eLearning Industry also has a resume library for employers to peruse. As part of your job posting package, you gain access to our online resume repository. Thus, you can look for the ideal candidates based on their experience, skills, and professional qualifications. Then you can quickly set up an interview with the top contenders to see whether they mesh with your team. Or request more information if you still need to narrow down your list.

6. Host A Hiring Webinar

Webinars are an invaluable online training tool. But they are also great for finding job candidates. Schedule a live event and post evites on message boards, social media groups, and your company site. Prepare a series of questions to ask attendees to help you whittle down the candidates. They’re able to interact with you via the comments section or social media. Be sure to host a sign up in advance to get a tally of participants. If there are too many RSVPs, consider hosting multiple webinars so that everyone has a chance to engage in the conversation. You can even record the events and share them with your team to get their feedback. Another option is to host a live event on your online forum or social media page. Set a time and date, then conduct a Q&A to get to know the candidates.

7. Ask Your Team For Recommendations

Your staff or collaborators may know of eLearning professionals who are looking for a job. Possibly people they’ve worked with in the past. Schedule a meeting with your team and ask for recommendations. Let them know which qualifications you’re looking for and other important information, such as how much the job pays and the main work duties. In fact, you may want to create a list of must-have traits and qualities for your new hire. For example, they must be willing to work a certain number of hours every week, or have past experience with a specific eLearning authoring tool or Learning Management System.

Finding the right team for eLearning enterprise can seem like a daunting task. Still, with your customer focus being online, it seems like the logical place to start searching. Network with other eLearning pros to get recommendations, post on job boards, and research resumes online. If you’re operating on a limited budget, you can still find amazing eLearning professionals for your team.

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