Tips To Find Freelance eLearning Jobs Online

Tips To Find Freelance eLearning Jobs Online
Summary: In this article, I'll share a variety of tips and tricks that can help you find freelance eLearning jobs online. From job posting sites to networking opportunities, I'll delve into the many resources you have at your disposal, and walk you through how to get the most out of each job search technique.

How To Find Freelance eLearning Jobs Online

Thanks to the internet and the ever-growing popularity of eLearning in recent years, you can now access a high volume of job opportunities with the click of a button. However, knowing which online resources will become useful during your job hunt, as well as how to take full advantage of these employment sites, is key to land more eLearning jobs.

1. Use Social Media And Online Forums To Build A Network.

While social media might be great for keeping in touch with friends and family, it's also an invaluable employment tool for eLearning freelancers. Social media sites, such as LinkedInFacebookGoogle Plus, and Twitter allow you to network with other eLearning freelancers and eLearning companies who may post job opportunities. However, once you build a network of contacts, they can let you know about unlisted job positions or projects that may be ideally suited to your skills and talents. Online forums are another place where you can find job openings.

To get the most benefit from these forums, however, it's best to stay active and consistently comment on posts, as well as share news articles and advice that will help other eLearning professionals, and why not even publish your own eLearning articles. Doing so, will help you to build your network of contacts, who will be more likely to share useful job information with you or even refer clients to you. Be sure to include links to your blog or site in your signature, so that people will know how to reach you, or can find out more about your eLearning expertise and the services you offer.

2. Bid On eLearning Projects Via Freelancing Sites.

Freelancing sites, such as Odesk, Freelancer,  PeoplePerHour and Elance, are invaluable resources for eLearning freelancers who are looking for eLearning projects and jobs. The great thing about these sites is that you get the opportunity to bid on the eLearning projects that you really want, rather than waiting for clients to send out proposal or bid requests. There are also a number of search filters that you can utilize to find the eLearning job that's just right for you, such as budget, experience level, and even hourly/fixed price listings. The important thing to keep in mind for freelancing sites is that you'll have to create a profile and you must typically upload samples of your past work.

In addition, there are also some sites that offer free assessments that you can take in order to add qualifications to your profile. Make sure to keep your  information up to date, and include any and all skills that you think might help you to stand out from other candidates who are vying for the same eLearning freelance jobs online. There is also usually a proposal or letter of introduction involved when bidding on jobs. So, take the time to carefully craft one, and customize it for each eLearning project that you apply for. Sell them on why you think you will be the perfect eLearning freelancer for the project, and what you can offer them. Let them know about similar eLearning projects that you've done in the past, and how your experience and skills can be applied to their eLearning deliverable.

3. Discover New Opportunities On Job Posting Boards And Searching Engines., Monster,, and indeed are just some of the job posting sites and search engines that allow you to look for freelance eLearning jobs online and attract potential clients and/or employers. Monster, in particular, can be a highly effective job search tool, as it offers you the chance to create a home page that includes your resume, and gives you access to a wide range of job search tools.

Many of such sites and engines also provide tips, advice, and resources to help you make the most of your online search efforts. You can even search by region or by niche, which gives you the opportunity to narrow down your list of potential eLearning project or job matches. If the job search engine or site offers free email alerts, definitely take advantage of this feature and sign up. The site will email you with a list of new freelance eLearning job openings that are posted, which means that you won't ever miss out on an opportunity!

4. Look Out For Job Postings On eLearning Blogs And Sites.

There are a variety of eLearning sites and blogs, that post eLearning job opportunities in a number of different locales. However, such sites are not only ideal for job searches, but they can also offer you articles, links, and other resources that can help you to fine tune your eLearning portfolio, your online presence,  learn more about the industry, and find out about new concepts or technologies that can help you to expand your experience and professional knowledge base.

Also, if you're willing to post eLearning articles on such sites, you can boost your visibility and possibly attract new clients or job opportunities. At the very least, you can grow your network of contacts by offering advice, tips, and expertise to those who read your article and then seek you out on social media sites and your professional blog. You never know when these contacts can turn into new job or project leads.

With this tips to find freelance eLearning jobs online at-the-ready, you can tap into every resource available to you in order to build a successful and profitable eLearning career. Keep in mind that consistency is all-important. Regularly check the job search sites mentioned here, because you just never know when a new opportunity might present itself.

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