Choosing The Best Social Media Sites For Your Business: Top Tips

Choosing The Best Social Media Sites For Your Business: Top Tips
Summary: With the myriad of social media platforms available today, which one should you focus on to promote your business?

How To Choose The Best Social Media Sites For Your Business

For many, social media can be likened to social life—demanding, confusing, fun, but rewarding in so many ways. In the same manner, just as you choose the people in your social circle, it is also ideal to pick the right networks for your social media for business campaign. To choose the best social media sites for your business, and help guarantee the success of your social media marketing efforts, take the following basic guidelines to heart:


If you want to build a community presence or want to reach a broad network, then Facebook is your best option. While many believe the social networking giant is losing significant traction among young users, a whopping 70% of adults are still active on the site, cementing its reputation as still the most popular social media site today. Apart from having the most number of users (2 billion and counting!), Facebook is still the most frequently used as evidenced by the tremendously high level of engagement it gets.

However, sheer popularity may not always be what you are looking for as a brand. Given that the primary purpose of the site is to connect with friends, family, and loved ones, it might not be the most effective platform for your business message.


If you belong to an industry that is highly visual, you can never go wrong with Pinterest. Fortunately, the site is not only limited to those audiences who are visual or who would prefer images over other content forms. If your target audience are the types who collect images of products or services before purchasing, you’d find a presence on Pinterest to be helpful.

Pinterest is also your go to social media platform if you want to showcase an enticing visual representation of your brand as well as the products or services you are offering. Not only that, Pinterest also offers a lot of insights on idea-based content, such as crafts, how-to-guides, and infographics. So if you're on the more visual side of social media, then this is the platform to choose.

In addition, given the site’s popularity among women, it is the best place to be when you are targeting women.


If your target audience is visually-focused, Instagram is another option you can look into aside from Pinterest. With its established appeal to ethnic segments coupled with its growing popularity among urbanites, Instagram might be your ultimate option when targeting certain markets.

In addition, Instagram users often overlap with Twitter so you have a one-two punch in your hands. It is also integrated with Facebook so you can easily tap on your Facebook followers as well. So, yes, if you're after one-glance eye candy campaigns, Instagram is the best choice.


While considered less popular compared to both Instagram and Pinterest, Tumblr is another visually-centric site available at your disposal. According to the Business Insider, the site is popular among the young and the less affluent so it can be a good option when you are targeting a younger audience.

In addition, Business Insider considers Google to be highly male-dominated so it might be a good option when you are looking to target the male population. Thankfully, you can make use of Google’s social community tools like Hangouts in order to create campaigns that are highly interactive.


If you are a B2B looking to provide beneficial insights or just want to make business connections, then a presence in LinkedIn would be ideal. While the site is working on broadening its scope, many still consider the site as ideal for industry-specific information as well as peer networking.

Taking into account the educational level and the high income of the typical LinkedIn user, it can provide a distinct audience you can target given you send out the right message.


If you are targeting young people of both genders, then consider Twitter to be a good option. The popular microblogging site is also a hit among the so-called “information junkies” so you can never go wrong with Twitter if your brand wants to provide timely insights and relevant news related to your industry.

Twitter is also considered a good option since like Facebook, it is a two-way platform where you can effective engage with and interact with your fans and followers.