Train Your Personnel Better: Boost Sales Training Through Technology In The Modern Workplace 
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Train Your Personnel Better: Boost Sales Training Through Technology In The Modern Workplace

The prime goal for any organization is to generate revenues, which can be attained with the help of proficient and effective sales personnel. Therefore, it is essential for organizations to train their sales force in a way that they acquire the desired skills and behaviors to generate revenues. Earlier, a traditional classroom-based approach was followed to train the workforce, but today, it is no more effective as it fails to engage and retain employees for long. In fact, approx. 90% of sales training methods last for not more than 120 days, as the training is generally one-off and not provided at regular intervals. With technological advancement, enterprises adopt eLearning approach to reach out to their sales teams from different demographics. They leverage the use of robust learning platforms which support incredible features such as gamification, video-based learning, microlearning, social learning and more to impart training at the moment of need.

Factors To Improve Your Sales Training Initiative

Undoubtedly, better selling skills of your workforce will lead to increased revenues and workplace performance. If you ask sales employees what are their expectations from the eLearning program, then they will expect an increase in sales and company’s productivity. The constant change in learners’ behavior while undergoing corporate training, consequently leads to enhancement in overall sales. Outlined below are some of the factors responsible for bringing sustainable changes in sales behaviors:

1. Personalization

The main factor behind ineffective sales training sessions is delivering the same boring curriculum which does not cater to the needs of all. To impart an engaging eLearning program for sales professionals, training should be first aligned with the objectives of the organization. For instance, an organization looking to expand its reach among the existing clients and a company looking to set a niche into new markets, both may need sales training, but with a different focus, procedures and role plays.

In addition, delivery of customized training courses is also a significant aspect to meet specific training needs. This leads to improved employee retention rate when the courses and strategies align with diversified learning styles and preferences.

2. Spaced Learning Approach

In today’s time, it is important that workplace training is spaced at regular intervals of time to ensure maximum employee interaction and retention. The main idea is to train the workforce in a way that they learn new skills and apply them in actual workplace situations. In addition to this, organizations also adopt a blended learning approach to embrace the benefits of spaced learning approach. This involves the delivery of eLearning sessions for primary and then virtual classroom-based programs for reinforcement. A well-structured sales training program comprises a myriad of weekly virtual workshops with actual workplace skills and review. Over the course of some days, learners apply whatever sales skills they learn, followed by optimal training and reinforcement from the trainer and peers.

3. Reinforcement

If employees fail to reinforce from an eLearning program, then they quickly forget whatever they have learned. So, to ensure maximum revenue generation from sales training, organizations should follow an impactful approach to reinforcement that comprises sales training by frontline managers, reinforcement on-demand, use of advanced tools, and more.

4. Assess And Measure

In the end, it is important to measure the overall increase in sales from a training program. A realistic form of measurement is done through assessments, observations, employee expectations and skill simulations. The frontline sales manager analyzes the performance of their sales personnel to determine if the desired outcomes are attained.

The Final Word

eLearning enables your sales personnel to access content anytime and anywhere, across personalized mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In fact, modern learners value the portability that technology has offered to all. Ensuring that employees are well-equipped with expertise, knowledge, and behaviors lead to improved revenue generation with the help of effective sales training strategy. The performance of a salesforce is directly associated with pre-defined goals that are attained through a series of competencies. By aligning the training courses with these competencies, organizations can aid the sales personnel to reach newer levels of excellence.

Imparting an effective sales training within a modern learning environment helps to boost sales volumes and order size. Sales employee training is considered one of the most cost-effective ways to accelerate the overall business performance when delivered consistently, it will be repaid multiple times in the future.