Boss's Day 2022: Celebrating And Supporting Leadership

Boss's Day 2022: Celebrating And Supporting Leadership
Summary: Stress runs rampant in the workplace, and your leaders often bear the weight of departmental pressures. To commemorate Boss's Day, we'll share a few valuable resources to add to your training library to reduce stress and support your leaders.

In Honor Of Boss's Day

It's officially Boss's Day. Well, technically it's observed tomorrow in the United States because it falls on a weekend this year. However, we just couldn't wait to show our appreciation for bosses all over the world...and one, in particular. Our founder, Christopher Pappas, isn't aware that we're posting this article. It's a surprise that we've been planning for a while now because we wouldn't dream of letting this day pass without telling him how much of an inspiration he is to all of us. He came up with the idea for eLI back in 2012, and from this small seed sprung a company that now has an international team and an ever-growing community. For the sake of not getting too sappy, let's just say that we appreciate all of his hard work, dedication, commitment, and compassion. He's always the first to say that "health and family come first," and no team meeting is complete without a joke to make us all laugh.

But it's not just CEOs and founders who are bosses. Team managers, department heads, and other employees who are at the helm in varying capacities also fall into this category. So, today we pay tribute to all of them by highlighting a few of the ways that organizations can support their leaders, hone their talents, and help them strike a better work-life balance with the help of L&D.

Online Training Resources To Support Leadership And Reduce Stress Levels

Some employees who step up and accept leadership roles may not know what they're getting into. Long hours, quelling co-worker conflicts, and bringing out the best in their team are all part of the job description. However, this doesn't mean they should go it alone. In fact, managers and supervisors require even more support, as they must deal with innumerable stressors and obstacles behind the scenes (so that they don't trickle down). Can you use manager online training to give them JIT support and reduce stress levels? Here are 5 resources to help out your team leaders and show your appreciation on Boss's Day and beyond.

1. Task Tutorials

Develop task tutorials that outline every step of the process that managers can use to reinforce their knowledge and assist team members. Bear in mind that leaders don't just fulfill their own job duties, they must also help co-workers during their time of need so that your organization runs like a finely tuned machine. While many employees must solely focus on their personal struggles and gaps, managers take it a step further. And task leadership training tutorials allow them to teach processes and help co-workers avoid common mistakes. They can even share the tutorial with their department to improve understanding.

2. Social Media Groups

There are manager support resources that are free but far-reaching. Launch a social media group where managers can (politely) blow off some steam and share experiences with fellow team leaders. Close it off so that only they can view the content and feel more comfortable voicing their opinions and concerns. Post daily or weekly tips to help them navigate tricky situations and reduce stress levels. Every member of your leadership team can access the group from anywhere in the world. This makes it easy to facilitate knowledge-sharing and support on a global scale by creating the best leadership development programs.

3. Live Q&As With Leadership Experts

Invite a guest speaker to host events exclusively for managers and supervisors. They can impart their wisdom and industry expertise to enrich your leadership training. Plus, they're on hand to answer questions in real time and give your trainees a morale boost. They've been there before and understand how it feels to be in tense work environments. Thus, they're in a unique position to commiserate with managers while offering them tips and tricks to ease the pressure.

4. Serious Games That Enlighten (And Lighten The Mood)

Sure, serious games are for educational purposes. They build crucial skills or reduce compliance risks. But they can also mitigate stress in manager online training. Leaders can escape the workplace for a little while as they interact with interesting characters and plots. They also learn from their mistakes and collect feedback in the process. Another approach is to gamify your entire leadership training program. Integrate badges, points, and levels to up the fun factor and motivate your overworked staffers. This also enables you to discreetly track their performance and identify areas for improvement.

5. Personal Stories To Set The Example

Sometimes managers just need to know that they're not alone. That higher-ups have gone through the same trials and come out unscathed. So, share personal stories to get leaders emotionally invested and set an example. Stress is often the result of fear or feelings of inadequacy. Managers don't know which problems lie ahead or if they are equipped to handle them. Include anecdotes that dispel common myths and prepare them for everyday stressors. Like that time you had to evacuate the building during a fire or earthquake. Or when a client offered you a bribe and you had to politely decline without losing business. Finding commonalities with people who are higher up the corporate ladder can be a source of support for your team leaders.

Wrapping Up

Leadership training isn't a one-time course that merely preps new managers for the challenges ahead. Instead, it's a continual process that provides JIT support and identifies gaps so that they fulfill their true potential. Not to mention help their teams do the same. Once again, happy Boss's Day to the leaders who give it their all and help their organizations achieve success.