Understanding Your Customer To Build A Strong eLearning Business

Understanding Your Customer To Build A Strong eLearning Business
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Summary: Learn why understanding your customer is the first step in starting your online learning business.

2 Steps For Understanding Your Customer To Build A Strong eLearning Business

The most important part of selling is understanding your customer profile. Once you understand your customer, everything else falls into place and you can start thinking about your organization’s online learning marketing efforts.

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According to Michael Daecher, CMO at ArtistWorks Inc.,

If your product is designed for the wrong audience, the problem you’re solving for your customer is not clear, or the price doesn’t represent value to the learner, you may have a challenge with garnering the type of profit you may be seeking.”

Before you start thinking about a product or marketing strategy, be sure you think about your customer profile. Perhaps you already have customers who you think would be interested in your new online education product? That’s a great start. This could be a very strong cohort to test your ideas.

If you are launching a new business using online learning, you may need to dig into different market research to evaluate ideas, understand audience interest, and learn how much time and money your audience can afford to spend.

  • Step 1: To sell online education, you need to answer two key questions. First, is your audience interested in learning about the topic? Then, do they have the time and money to invest in online learning? Your organization needs the answers to these questions before investing in content creation or marketing.
  • Step 2: Once you have a good idea who your customer is, you need to think about where you’re going to find them. Where do your potential customers aggregate? Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have an existing social following or engaged email list – that’s a great start. If you need to expand beyond those folks, how can you reach them efficiently? These questions will help shape the direction of your online learning products.

“Understanding the customer” is the first step in Michael Daecher’s guide to building a strong eLearning business. Following the tips above can help your organization’s online education program start off on the right foot.

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