Are You Using Regular Learning Interactions? Time To Step Up Your Game

A New-Age Tool To Help Build Learning Interactions
Summary: As an educator or course designer, irrespective of the instructional system you may choose to deliver learning, you need to understand your audience really well. You need to get into their shoes to learn how they think and behave before designing a course for them. And when talking about modern-day learners, there are expectations galore!

A New-Age Tool To Help Build Learning Interactions

The new generation of learners is hard to please and even harder to engage. You put in all possible efforts to create a course, but your learners are still not engaged. And if you ask why, here are some possible reasons.

  • Although modern-day learners are very inquisitive and eager to learn about new things, they are very impatient and easily distracted too. Perhaps presenting information to them in smaller chunks is better than loading them with an hour-long course.
  • In today’s age of information overload, when learners have the option to scroll through hundreds of content pieces in a few seconds, grabbing and holding their attention requires a range of interactive and engrossing media. Visually stimulating content is the key to engaging them. What catches their attention is what remains with them.

The above reasons deem it necessary for learning experiences to look good and be brief. Ironically, there are not many tools that fulfill both these needs. The few that seem to be fitting into either of these categories have a steep learning curve. To cater to this need of learning designers, team Raptivity recently launched a new-age tool that helps build visually stunning and short learning interactions rapidly—Raptivity 2020.

Raptivity 2020 fulfills an important unmet need in eLearning creation, the need for highly visual and stimulating eLearning experiences that can be created without any programming. It is home to some never before seen vibrant and sleek interactions. Its growing library of interactions is truly responsive, xAPI compliant, and perfectly suited to build enthralling microlearning experiences. You could use these experiences as you like, independently or with your favorite authoring tools. With these ready-to-use interactions, course creators, trainers, and educators can completely focus on their content and storyboarding and leave the rest to Raptivity 2020.

Some highlights of this powerful eLearning tool are:

A Growing Library Of Visually Stunning Interactions

Raptivity 2020 is packed with some unique interaction templates never seen before in eLearning. Vertical and horizontal parallax, 3D image, layered display, panning slides, and happy meter are some of the templates included in this powerful tool. All the templates are specifically suited to modern-day design and learning styles. Additionally, Raptivity 2020 comes with the promise of a growing library of interactions every few months.

Rapid Customization

Raptivity 2020 comes with a pretty intuitive and user-friendly interface that enables you to customize your interactions rapidly. The best part is that using Raptivity doesn’t require any kind of programming or triggers, making it one of the easiest tools around to use. You just need to customize interactions with your content and graphics, and you are good to go.

Responsive Interactions

Raptivity 2020 houses mobile-ready interactions that work on a wide variety of devices. These interactions are truly responsive and preconfigured for various devices and layouts. This implies that there is no need to manually customize an interaction for individual devices. Raptivity 2020 takes care of this important modern-day learning and makes learning available anytime and anywhere. A feature that definitely fetches some extra marks.

Engaging Microlearning Experiences

Learning nuggets that can be consumed Just-In-Time are essential parts of the modern-day learning practice. Raptivity 2020 lets you build visually powerful and engaging microlearning experiences in minutes. You could use these experiences independently or in conjunction with your favorite authoring tools.

SCORM And xAPI Compliance

Raptivity 2020 comes with SCORM and xAPI tracking capabilities. This feature makes it easier for course creators to track experience completion and learner performance at the click of a button.

With interactions that are more engaging, more experiential, and more powerful, Raptivity 2020 can serve the needs of expert and novice eLearning creators alike. It is perhaps time to rethink interactions with Raptivity 2020.