4 Career Growth Tips To Help Support Employees

4 Career Growth Tips To Help Support Employees

Nobody wants to remain stagnant, career-wise, that's why role-hopping within a company is essential. Employees are a company's most essential asset, and many companies believe investing in them is worthwhile. There exist several ways in which an employee can achieve career growth. But, acquiring more skills and training will always give employees the edge.

Most employees get frustrated because their company's learning culture is less effective. They think they aren't getting enough from their company to achieve career growth. That leads us to the question: What can L&D teams do to promote employees' career growth?

Here are 4 career growth tips the L&D team needs to use to support employees:

1. Think Less About Career Ladders And Focus On Learning

Today's working environment is far different from the past. In the past, career growth used to follow a linear path. Think of it as starting a career in a workplace from the bottom and working your way up the ladder. Nowadays, things have really changed, and only a few employees follow the linear path.

Most employees, now, see growth as a change from one field or industry to another. However, one can describe a career path as the consistent acquisition of new skills and changing roles within a company. So, instead of seeing career growth as changing jobs, employees should see it as role-hopping within the company.

So, as an L&D professional, you can help managers by making them see the reasons to rethink. Have them focus more on the projects that allow employees to develop skills within their area of interest.

2. Create Opportunities For Peer Learning

Empowered employees have the strength to accelerate everyone's growth. If they're given the tools to share what they learn, it can help speed up everyone's development. As an L&D professional, you can create an enabling environment to promote peer learning.

Create a learning environment that gives employees the opportunity to learn, share experiences and seek advice from other employees. This career-growth tip will help employees get personalized tips and advice from their colleagues. It'll also help the L&D team to identify individual needs by promoting a one-size-fits-all approach to learning.

As an L&D professional, you can enhance peer learning in the following ways:

  • You can promote peer learning by encouraging employees to make short lessons. By doing so, employees get to share their views and knowledge, which will not only help strengthen their understanding but will also encourage others to learn and share their learning.
  • You can promote peer learning by introducing social learning into the workplace. Use tools and technology that help with the sharing of knowledge and encourage interaction within the learner groups. Automated eLearning authoring tools can help employees create interactive courses by themselves without losing time creating it.

3. Introduce Personalized eLearning

Another growth tip is introducing personalized learning at scale. Personalized eLearning is customized learning specific to a particular group of employees. You can customize based on factors like challenges faced, personal interests and career aspirations. Apart from the fact that personalized learning engages employees, it also helps them in role-hopping within a company.

So, below are the approaches an L&D professional can take to provide personalized learning:

  • Introduce surveys at the start of your eCourse to learn more about an employee's interests. By so doing, you can use it to provide customized learning.
  • You can use a formative feedback question to estimate an employee's full understanding of a course.
  • Instead of lengthy eCourses, use microlearning nuggets in your eLearning course.

4. Develop Attributes That Make People Thrive In Digital Transformation

In the digital world today, most organizations face consistent digital transformation. So, to stay in the competition, a company has to adopt the new and latest technology. And for them to remain innovative, they need to equip employees with adequate business skills.

L&D teams should help managers or individual contributors develop traits that'll help them succeed in the digital world. These traits include collaborating, storytelling, using different tools to meet unaware needs, and envisioning the future. You can achieve all these when you reskill your global workforce from time to time.

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