7 Common Misconceptions About Extended Enterprise Online Training

Extended Enterprise Online Training: 7 Common Misconceptions

Your franchisees, sales channels, and consumers require just as much training as your in-house employees. However, many organizations avoid Extended Enterprise online training because they believe it's costly, impersonalized, and untraceable. But are they letting the myths stand in the way of external partner success? Here are 7 common misconceptions about Extended Enterprise online training and the truths behind them.

1. Extended Enterprise Online Training Is Only For Big Budgets

Some organizations are under the impression that Extended Enterprise online training is for large companies with large budgets, such as Fortune 500 businesses who have resources to spare. In reality, Extended Enterprise Learning Management Systems can significantly improve your Return On Investment. Many LMS vendors offer flexible payment options to suit your needs. For example, subscription services or monthly licenses instead of sizable upfront costs. As a result, you can significantly enhance the benefits of your online training program while maximizing your resources, thanks to the fact that external partners get the resources they need to do their job more effectively which results in better returns for your organization.

2. You Aren't Able To Track Your Extended Enterprise Online Training Initiatives

You're casting the net wide with Extended Enterprise online training. So, naturally you won't be able to track partner proficiency and performance, right? Virtually all Extended Enterprise Learning Management Systems feature built-in reporting capabilities. Thus, your organization can monitor every aspect of the online training program, from sales channel participation to franchisee performance. Many even offer online training certifications that allow you to stay up-to-date with compliance and ensure that everyone has the skills they require. Just make sure that your LMS of-choice features data visualization so that you can identify patterns and make necessary modifications.

3. Extended Enterprise Online Training On A Global Scale Is Slow And Resource-Draining

You need to deploy your online training program on a global scale to meet the growing demands of your organization. But isn't Extended Enterprise online training time-consuming and resource-draining? After all, you have to cater to the needs of a worldwide workforce with a diverse range of goals, preferences, and job responsibilities. The good news is that Extended Enterprise online training is quick to deploy if you choose the right LMS platform. Many platforms support a variety of languages. And you can deploy different versions of your online training course to different locales. Not to mention, generate additional revenue by selling your online training course to external partners. For example, online training certification programs that help them upskill and receive specialized certifications.

4. An Extended Enterprise LMS Takes A "One-Size-Fits-All" Approach

A widespread myth regarding Extended Enterprise online training is that it offers a "cookie cutter" online training experience in that everyone receives the same online training materials, regardless of their needs. The truth is that many Extended Enterprise Learning Management Systems facilitate personalized online training. You can provide online course catalogs that allow external partners to focus on their goals, or deliver localized online training resources that align with their cultural backgrounds and native languages. There's also the option to take it a step further by adding geolocation features and individualized online training plans. Partners automatically receive the online training resources that pertain to their performance and skill gaps as well as their geographical location. This is a major plus for organizations with franchisees, sales channels, and dealers scattered all over the globe.

5. External Partners Are The Only Ones Who Benefit

Extended Enterprise online training isn't just for external partners who are associated with your organization directly. It also allows you to deliver valuable online training to your customer base, as well as those who may be considering your products and services. For example, product demos that showcase the key specs and features or simulations that enable them to test out the item before they make their final decision. You can even incorporate consumer rewards into your online training strategy to build brand loyalty. For instance, offer points for every online training tutorial or simulation they complete. Then they can use those points to receive special gifts or discounts.

6. Extended Enterprise Online Training Is Geared Toward Sales Channels

One of the popular misconceptions about Extended Enterprise online training is that it's only intended for sales channels, such as dealers and resellers who can increase your profit margin. However, driving sales is not the most significant benefit that Extended Enterprise online training can offer. It also gives you the opportunity to improve customer service, product knowledge, and compliance. External service technicians, franchise managers, and anyone else who represents your brand have access to online training resources. As a result, they're able to accurately reflect your image and foster consumer loyalty. Extended Enterprise is not just for sales channels, but for every individual who sells or uses your products and services.

7. Extended Enterprise Online Training Is Not Mobile-Friendly

This is a relatively new misconception that's been circulating as of late. But the truth is that many Extended Enterprise Learning Management Systems are now responsive. Meaning that you can create a master layout that feature breakpoints. The system automatically displays the suitable version based on the user's device. As such, you can deploy multiplatform-friendly online training content to your global partners. Everyone has the opportunity to access the online training materials they need on their device-of-choice. From "old-fashioned" PCs to the latest wearable tech, which is a must-have for mobile sales reps and suppliers who require on-the-go resources to address client needs. For example, keep them up-to-date about the newest product line.

Don’t let these 7 common misconceptions prevent you from making the switch to Extended Enterprise online training. Learning technologies allow you to deploy meaningful online training content on a global scale, as well as provide personalized online training resources to every member of your organization, including consumers who want to know more about your brand.

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