eBook Release: Compliance Training LMS Buyer's Guide

Free eBook Compliance Training LMS Buyer's Guide
Summary: Going global comes with a unique set of challenges. However, the one that trumps them all is ensuring that every member of the team complies with the rules and follows company policy. Can a new compliance training LMS be the most cost-effective solution to this problem?

Compliance Training LMS Buyer's Guide: Tips To Implement Compliance Training Online With Limited Resources

Regardless of where they are, which roles they fill, or the gaps they’re trying to bridge… employees must meet compliance standards. But how can you deploy compliance training on a massive scale when you’re working with limited resources? The answer is a compliance training LMS that accommodates your global team and gives them access to round-the-clock support tools. Our eBook, Compliance Training LMS Buyer's Guide: Tips To Implement Compliance Training Online With Limited Resources, explores everything you need to know to launch a budget-stretching compliance training program. Before we delve into the topics it covers, let’s take a closer look at the benefits a new compliance training LMS brings to your bottom line. Especially when you need to roll out a cost-effective compliance strategy for your global team.

eBook Release: Compliance Training LMS Buyer's Guide
eBook Release
Compliance Training LMS Buyer's Guide
Discover how you can implement a compliance training LMS in your workplace without going over your budget.

Perks Of Investing In A New Compliance Training LMS For Your Remote Workforce

1. Reduces Costs And Maximizes Resource Allocation

A new compliance training LMS eliminates costs usually associated with ILT sessions. Such as site-rental fees, instructor expenses, and printed materials. Not to mention, the amount of seat time you must allocate from payroll. Online training is quick to consume, and employees can train whenever it’s most convenient. They can access support resources from anywhere in the world instead of traveling to a remote training site or waiting for the next in-house ILT session. Thus they can have more autonomy over when and how they bridge individual gaps.

2. Personalization To Mitigate Risks And Facilitate Real-World Application

Every employee is dealing with their own areas for improvement. Such as compliance issues that pose a particular challenge for them or skills they lack that tie into policy-related tasks. Compliance training software personalizes the process to mitigate risks and build real-world experience. Employees can use resources that cater to their needs, preferences, and job duties. Instead of being forced to sit through a 1-hour presentation that only touches on their work responsibilities for 5 minutes. Then moves onto the next department. They can even participate in real-world activities that allow them to perfect their approach and identify personal weaknesses. So that they’re able to address them immediately before negative performance behaviors become a habit.

3. Reduces On-The-Job Mistakes

Companies spend countless resources each year on compliance violations. Ranging from job-related accidents to regulatory fines. These can all be prevented or greatly reduced with a compliance training LMS. This enables employees to make mistakes in a safe space instead of forcing them to make them on-the-job. For example, a simulation gives them the chance to see how one missed step leads to an injury. Or how mishandling a customer issue and violating company policy costs the organization thousands of dollars. They can see how every action, or lack thereof, will impact their daily lives. Rather than simply reading case studies or viewing charts that stress figures instead of real-world experiences.

4. Fosters Accountability At The Individual Level

Employees must be held accountable for their behaviors and decisions in the workplace. Every proverbial cog in the machine has to know its function and be aware of expectations in order for the whole system to succeed. A new compliance training LMS fosters accountability at a personal level. For example, certifications ensure that everyone meets your standards and has the proper knowledge. If they fall behind or don’t pass the final exam, they need to take additional steps to remedy the issue and earn their certificate. Likewise, managers and team leaders have access to reports so that they can spot gaps and provide support to their subordinates.

How To Implement A Compliance Training LMS With Limited Resources

Many organizations make the mistake of assuming that a compliance training LMS is out of their price range. That they simply don’t have room in their budget or the staff size to warrant compliance training software. However, every organization should consider investing in learning technologies to reduce risks and the costly fines and penalties that come with them. Here are just a few of the tips and tricks you’ll find in our eBook that can help you implement an LMS within your budget:

  • Ways to stress the importance of safety in the workplace and make training more relatable with a new compliance training LMS.
  • Regulatory compliance training activities that can mitigate job-related risks and reduce workplace accidents.
  • Budgeting factors to consider when implementing new compliance training software and the cost-saving benefits it brings versus ILT sessions.
  • Corporate compliance challenges a compliance training LMS can help you overcome.
  • Top features to look for in your new compliance training software and LMS reports that help you monitor performance and bridge gaps.
  • A step-by-step guide to moving your compliance training online.
  • Ways to use compliance certifications to maintain company standards and essential support tools that can benefit your external partners.

Compliance training may not be the fan-favorite among your team. In fact, the mere thought of mandatory training might send shivers down their spine. However, it’s all in how you approach it. Developing cost-effective, but personalized, resources can make the content relatable. It also helps employees explore the consequences of their actions and decisions so that they don’t repeat those mistakes when it really counts. Download your copy of Compliance Training LMS Buyer's Guide: Tips To Implement Compliance Training Online With Limited Resources to launch a memorable compliance training program without going over budget.

Have you ever wondered what compliance training is and how you can implement a compliance training LMS in your workplace without going over your budget? Download our eBook Compliance Training LMS Buyer's Guide: Tips To Implement Compliance Training Online With Limited Resources and discover how to cut costs, mitigate risks, train your employees, monitor their performance, and maintain your company’s high standards.