Connected For Learning: Social Enterprise Learning With eFrontPro For IBM Connections

Social Enterprise Learning With eFrontPro For IBM Connections

Can you imagine a large enterprise without an online learning strategy? Neither can I. A little over a decade ago, though, it was still a struggle to convince big businesses to adopt eLearning. Today, they are so heavily invested in it, that it grew to a 100+ billion dollar industry - and it keeps growing. Along with it (and as businesses better understand the benefits and limitations of existing learning tools), several supplementary technologies and approaches grow as well to further enhance the flexibility and effectiveness of enterprise learning and Talent Development.

Social Learning is one such approach - and it’s a technology whose time has come. After all, humans are inherently social, and the modern workplace is, even more so than ever, a social workplace.

Social learning tools, then, enhance the corporate learning process by enabling social interaction and interactivity, teamwork, knowledge transfer, and information sharing.

Now, as far as social business platforms go, or Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) as they are officially called, few can beat IBM’s own IBM Connections.

And after integrating with eFrontPro, courtesy of our "eFrontPro For IBM Connections" solution, it’s also a full blown enterprise Social Learning and Talent Development platform!

In this post we will have a look at what "eFrontPro For IBM Connections" offers, and how you can leverage the eFrontPro Learning and Talent Development Platform, along with IBM’s Connections ESN, to deliver a truly connected Enterprise Learning.

The Enterprise Hub

The intranet (or enterprise) portal has a long history as a valuable business tool for cooperation and coordination between employees, departments and teams.

IBM Connections adds a crucial social element to that, creating a social network platform that encourages knowledge sharing, decision-making and innovation, to help businesses increase productivity and accelerate their workflows.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Our proprietary "eFrontPro for IBM Connections" solution allows businesses to deeply integrate and embed eFrontPro’s industry leading Learning and Talent Development tools to IBM’s social workplace software, turning it into a complete solution for enterprise collaboration, knowledge sharing and retention, and talent development.

Far from being a hack or an unofficial add-on, eFrontPro for IBM Connections is an IBM verified product, validated as part of the Big Blue’s "Ready for IBM Social Business" program, and taking full advantage of the official extension capabilities that IBM Connections provides.

So what do you get by adding eFrontPro’s Learning and Talent Development capabilities to your Enterprise Learning strategy? 

Integration, that’s what.

Your IBM Connections users are now (optionally) also eFrontPro users, and can access their training catalog and subscribe for courses and training events right from within the Connections interface.

IBM Connections with eFrontPro

And that’s just the start, as users can also create eLearning content in eFrontPro (taking advantage of all of eFrontPro’s advanced lesson creation tools) and share it with their colleagues.

Plus, with eFrontPro for IBM Connections they can only target specific colleagues, departments or team members, by defining communities around specific areas of interest.

Managers also get enhanced control of eFrontPro’s Learning and Talent Development offerings, acquiring the ability to assign training content to their team members and monitor their progress.

The main convenience, of course (no pun intended) is having access to everything learning-related (including tests, assessments, and surveys) in a dedicated eFrontPro dashboard right from within IBM Connection’s interface - a one-stop-shop where email, calendar, social connections and eLearning live side by side.

In short, with eFrontPro for IBM Connections you get the best of both the Social Workspace and eLearning/Talent Development worlds, allowing your employees to:

  • Manage learning activities from within IBM Connections.
  • Create topic-oriented learning communities.
  • Assign courses and learning activities to their teams.
  • Collaborate on training material.
  • Share training content.
  • Create and automate assessments, tests, quizzes, and surveys.
  • Take advantage of eFrontPro’s gamification engine to increase engagement.

And that’s not just for the desktop either - with eFrontPro and IBM Connections, they can deliver learning content to web, tablets, and smartphones, including the ability for users to download content on their device for totally offline mobile learning.

Enterprise Learning With eFrontPro

Social learning is here to stay, and so is Enterprise Learning. And eFrontPro, through its integration options with leading social business platforms like IBM Connections is totally prepared for it.

Visit our website to find out how eFrontPro for IBM Connections can help give you a training platform with full blown social integration. Or take eFrontPro for a test drive today, to access for yourself its intuitive and full featured Learning and Talent Development engine.

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