7 Content Marketing Tips For New LMS Companies

Useful Content Marketing Tips For New LMS Companies

Digitalization and evolving tech have led to a sharp increase in demand for Learning Management Systems across the globe. One of the benefits of having a robust LMS is that it streamlines the processes of creating, managing, tracking, and distributing online training materials. Thus, more and more organizations are making the switch to corporate eLearning. As a result, competition for clients is stiff. This makes it imperative for LMS companies to constantly reevaluate their promotional strategy and incorporate new techniques. Here are 7 content marketing tips that you can use to maximize profits and minimize promotional spending.

1. Get To Know Your Target Audience’s Needs

It is not possible to come up with excellent content if you have no clue of what the target audience is looking for. Use social media polls, interviews, and surveys to get a clear perspective of the needs and expectations of prospects. With this information on hand, you can address their concerns and online training pain points. Questionnaires and focus groups can also help you get valuable information that will help you narrow your content marketing approach. The research will ensure that your content curation efforts attract the right buyers and boost conversion rates.

2. Rely On Valid And Verifiable Sources

The internet has made it easy for people from all across the globe to get information on virtually any topic. Unfortunately, since anyone can publish content online, you might end up making decisions in your organization based on inaccurate data. Stand out from the crowd by making sure that your content is backed up by reliable and verifiable sources. The references will make your content more believable, and soon enough the audience will recognize your LMS company as an authority. Better still, compile a list of go-to resources that you can use for future research. For example, expert blogs and news sites that consistently deliver trustworthy articles.

3. Check Out The Competitors

LMS startups are in a unique position, as they have the ability to evaluate their competitors’ content marketing strategy and create a personalized approach that works best for them and their budget. Best of all, the other LMS companies have already gone through the costly trial and error. See which topics other LMS organizations are covering and which platforms they’re using. Are they connecting with their audience on social media? Which posts have the most likes and comments?

4. Sequence Your Content

Virtually all content marketing campaigns aim to convey a story to the target audience. Unknown to most people is that the story does not necessarily have to start at the first stage of the customer’s purchase journey. Instead, it is the combination of multiple stories that motivate them to move from one stage to another. As you come up with a content marketing strategy, it is imperative to take into consideration all the steps in the buyer’s journey and their current position in the sales funnel. Note that every step or phase has its own unique story and KPIs. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you sequence your content so that the intended messages don’t get mixed up. This may diminish the overall impact and success rate of your content marketing strategy.

5. Divide The Audience Into Segments

You must bear in mind that customers have different needs and expectations from your LMS company. It is recommended to divide the audience into segments and create content based on the traits of each group. For example, you have a specific group of customers whose primary goal is to reduce online training costs and invest in a more robust reporting tool. Thus, you need to focus on the USPs of your LMS in your content marketing strategy. But another group may focus on an entirely different aspect of your platform and/or its benefits. With the segments properly established, you will be able to engage with the audience at a deeper and more relatable level.

6. Monitor Site Stats

Do a weekly evaluation of your website and social media stats to see where you stand. Is there a specific article or post that saw a surge in traffic? Did a record number of visitors watch your promo video? Are there any aspects of your content marketing campaign that are falling short? If so, you may need to decide if your resources should be allocated to other content marketing venues. For example, focus more time and attention on your Facebook page, which is quickly gaining followers. Or create another eBook, since your current opt-in guide is faring so well.

7. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A Targeted Keyword

SEO is a crucial component of any successful content marketing campaign. Something as simple as a targeted keyword has the potential to boost your search engine rank and drive more traffic to your site. The secret is finding the right keywords or phrases for your niche audience, then organically incorporating them into your content so that it doesn’t sound like it was written by a robot. Also, avoid oversaturating your content with so many keywords that you get flagged by the search engines. The ratio I recommend is 1:100. One keyword for every 100 words.

These 7 content marketing tips can help your new LMS build a solid online reputation and increase sales stats even if the competition is steep and the search engine results are saturated. Just make sure that you continuously monitor the results each content marketing strategy delivers to know which one works best for your LMS brand. Lastly, remember that value-added content comes first. Visitors click on the link because they want to solve a problem or learn more about your product. Not to read a long sales pitch that doesn’t offer useful information.

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