3 Corporate Training Challenges (And How A Learning Consultant Can Fix Them)

3 Corporate Training Challenges (And How A Learning Consultant Can Fix Them)
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Summary: Check out these examples of the role of performance consulting in finding solutions for unique training challenges.

Case Studies On Employee Performance Improvement

Have you ever launched a corporate training project only to have all the different parts begin to break down and fall apart partway through? You’re not alone; this is a common problem that occurs to training programs throughout their lifecycle. At AllenComm, we believe firmly in the power of bringing learning consulting into every project. Not only does it help with the framework and foundation of the project, but it also strengthens the implementation and measurement of the project.

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We’ve consulted with many clients throughout our 35 years in the industry. Let’s look at a few case studies to examine how a learning consultant can help make a project that is failing to meet with success.

Learning Consultant Case Study: Onboarding—BD

BD is a market leader in developing high-quality medical devices and disposables. They faced a problem: to train healthcare professionals on the effective and safe use of products, they had to take them away from their work with patients. Pulling clinicians away from patients' bedsides posed a challenge for hospitals and led to many nurses and clinicians to abandon the training before they completed it.

BD came to AllenComm for consultation in order to create a solution that could reduce scheduled face-to-face training time while significantly increasing nurse and clinician familiarity with proper procedures through on-demand training that allows the clinician to fit it into their busy schedule.

We applied a web-based microlearning approach—allowing start and stop features—that gave nurses the flexibility to fit the training into their very busy schedules. In addition, we designed the training to boost interest, motivation, and confidence by appealing to the values that drive healthcare professionals, as well as illustrating the best clinical practices. The training prepares clinicians for face-to-face interactions with patients. Once clinicians complete their training, BD facilitates those interactions.

As a result, clinicians were able to access the content and custom eLearning activities on their mobile devices, choosing what to review and when to view it. By self-assessing their skills and familiarity with products and procedures on their own, they were able to interact with newly introduced medical devices with confidence and comply with federal guidelines for delivering patient care.

Learning Consultant Case Study: Reskilling—Nestlé

As the world faces transformation, digital grocery purchases are becoming more frequent and are expected to grow. As a forward-thinking global food manufacturer, Nestlé needed to prepare their business and employees to be ready for the future and to incorporate more effective corporate training methods and experiential learning for their employees. This is why they invested in a learning consultation.

Or solution for Nestlé was to build a robust learning experience that addressed the needs of four learning groups: marketing, sales, product development teams, and cross-functional teams. Called the Omni University, this one-stop resource focuses on each learner’s unique learning journey. This Omni strategy is for all learning groups to grow their skills as the market and their roles evolve. To date, the Omni University considerations are being integrated into all 2021 plans for all major Nestlé brands/categories and retailers. Over 70% of respondent feedback gave Omni University a five-star rating. Omni University has increased OMNI IQ among all employees with a post-training assessment score of 70% and above and helped each major brand to incorporate the new requirements into their yearly plans. In turn, this will help cause sales growth to outpace market growth.

Learning Consultant Case Study: Compliance Training–Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare is one of the world’s leading independent healthcare technology companies. They required a new Code of Conduct training to engage their employees with user-friendly information and tools to help everyone comply with their policies and processes. Due to a significant culture and brand transition, this project needed a learning consultant to help customer retention and create growth opportunities for the company.

AllenComm analyzed Change Healthcare’s needs to provide a meaningful learning experience that would produce results and lasting change. The course, called Integrity in Action, reflected the vision for a better healthcare system and emphasized the five company values. Integrity in Action engaged learners in an interactive format that captured the attention regarding compliance challenges. The course created new practical tools and provided tips to make appropriate decisions when faced with business conduct and/or ethical concerns to resolve simulated situations.

The project was an immense success, improving training completion rates by 15% and decreasing seat time. Change Healthcare received positive feedback from the voluntary exit survey that showed learners considered the training a good use of their time. 95% of employees said that they were able to find the information they needed.


As experts in the industry, we often see the results of corporate training that don’t include any investment in performance and learning consulting. Such training tends not to provide meaningful learning experiences that produce real business results and lasting effects. But our learning consulting work with these clients (and the many others not mentioned here) showed us that it’s worth the time, effort, and resources to apply that expertise. Whether it’s rapid and extensive needs analyses or performance mapping, our consultants use a variety of assessment methodologies to ensure you’re your training initiatives meet your business objectives [1].

Learn more about the role of performance consultants check out our eBook, 8 Tips For Boosting Your eLearning With Performance Consulting. Also, join the webinar to find out additional information about virtual learning best practices and more.