5 Steps To Promote Your Online Learning Consultant Expertise Online

5 Steps To Promote Your Online Learning Consultant Expertise Online
Summary: Discover 5 steps to promote your online learning consultant expertise, and why it's important to list in a specialized eLearning directory.

How To Promote Your Online Learning Consultant Expertise Online

Setting up your own training consultancy business is a challenging task that requires many hours of skill development, planning, and eventually building the business. However, your work doesn’t end there. To become successful as an online learning consultant, you need to work on promoting your business. In this article, we’ll explore ways to promote your online learning consultant expertise online, as well as the importance of listing in a specialized eLearning directory.

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5 Steps To Promote Your Online Learning Consultant Expertise Online

It’s not uncommon for professionals to focus the promotion of their business on printed marketing material, face-to-face networking, and referrals. However, the internet has given us promotional tools that are more effective and also cost a fraction of getting a highway billboard with your face on it. Here are 5 tips that training consultants can use to promote their online learning consultant expertise.

1. Set Up Your Professional Website

A professional and credible website is the backbone of your online marketing strategy. When you speak with prospects, your website is probably the first place they turn to in order to check your credentials and business values. Therefore, make sure you include your biography, portfolio, and links to any other social media platforms. Use targeted keywords that help with Search Engine Optimization and boost your organic traffic. Remember to pay close attention to the design of your website and keep all information up to date. A poorly kept-up website might negatively impact other people’s impression of the quality of your work.

2. Get On Social Media

Social media has taken over the world of online marketing, and with good reason. It’s free of charge and used by everyone. Use your social media platforms as an extension of your website to promote your online learning consultant expertise by sharing interesting articles and dropping useful advice. You can also expand your social network by participating in training consultant groups. Try to connect with other professionals by asking questions that spark conversation or helping out when others pose questions. This way, you’ll also slowly become a credible source in your industry.

3. Create Content

Creating and publishing engaging content is a vital element of promoting your online learning consultant expertise. You could set up a blog to publish your search-engine-friendly articles, which address common issues of the industry, or answer frequently asked questions from clients. Marketing videos are also increasing in popularity. As one would expect, a video explaining your services is more engaging for prospective leads than a text-based promo. Another great way to share your expertise is by organizing webinars. They give you the chance to become a thought leader, expand your network, and build a community of fruitful interaction.

4. Utilize PPC Advertising

The internet offers many free opportunities to promote your business, but there are a few choices that are worth the expense. Pay-per-click (PPC) adverts on search engines or social media platforms can be extremely effective in directing visitors to your website. You can specify which keywords make your ad appear and only pay for the people who click on your ad and visit your website. Pricing can differ depending on the keywords and niche you’re targeting but you can find the golden ratio between attracting new clients and spending within budget.

5. Enlist In A Specialized Directory

The tips we have mentioned so far require continuous work on your part. But what if you could get some help with the promotion of your online learning consultant expertise? Specialized directories offer an affordable way to get on the radar of your target audience. They help increase your website traffic by promoting your business to a specialized audience and gathering valuable feedback. A niche-specific directory is also a great place for you to publish your articles and have them reach a bigger audience. Let’s delve deeper into the benefits of enlisting in an online directory in the next section.

6 Reasons To List In A Niche-Specific eLearning Directory

As we saw, there are many ways to effectively promote your business online. However, to be certain that you’re staying on top of your training consultant competition, you should list your business in a specialized eLearning directory. A niche-specific directory gives you a great opportunity to promote your online learning consultant expertise to a targeted audience and increase your website traffic. Let’s delve into 6 reasons why an online eLearning directory listing is necessary for your business.

1. Enhance Online Presence

All your current and potential clients are operating online. Therefore, when you list your online training consultant business in a niche-specific eLearning directory, you increase the probability of your business appearing in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). In turn, more people discover your website and are likely to visit it. Increased website traffic translates to more potential clients and an increase in revenue. Remember to list your business in multiple directories to achieve maximum visibility.

2. Get Social Proof From Reviews

Any reliable online directory allows users to review and rate the businesses with which they have collaborated. Although many business people avoid directories due to fear of bad reviews, favorable ratings can attest to your business’s credibility. When prospects search through directories, they tend to choose companies with numerous positive reviews. And as long as you properly handle a negative review, it won’t affect the reputation of your brand. Apart from social proof, reviews also provide insight into how you can improve the quality of your services.

3. Increase Brand Awareness

Nowadays, brand awareness is crucial for any business. Namely, brands want to have a reputation among the people of their niche industry. Listing your business in an eLearning directory means that when someone searches for relevant keywords, your business appears alongside others. Even if the user doesn’t click on your listing, they still see your business and a brief description. Every such encounter increases brand familiarity, which could lead the user to interact with your listing at another moment.

4. Market Your Business To A Targeted Audience

Online directories are, in essence, marketing platforms that get thousands of visitors every day. More importantly, the majority of these visitors belong to your target audience. Therefore, you can be certain that your online training consultant expertise appears to those most interested in it. If you also choose to invest in a PPC listing, you can enjoy the added benefit of geo-bidding, which promotes your business to clients in your area. This way, you can target international as well as local markets to further expand your client base.

5. Boost Search Engine Optimization

The ultimate goal when listing your business in a specialized online eLearning directory is for it to appear on the first page of search engine results. This way, you achieve higher website traffic and secure more clients. Directories boost your SEO by providing valuable backlinks to your website and validating the information you publish online about your business. This credibility helps your website rank higher in SERPs. To further boost your SEO, choose only a few target keywords and incorporate them organically into your listing.

6. Ensure Cost-Effective Exposure

Marketing your business can be expensive, especially if you own a small-scale business. However, online directory listings are usually free or cost a very affordable amount. Therefore, you can have increased website traffic, lead conversion, and revenue without having to break the bank. Considering the budget you would need to plan and deploy a full marketing strategy, it becomes obvious that a niche directory listing is the best choice.


Promoting your online training consultant expertise online is what will set you apart from your competition. To attract more clients and become a staple in your industry, you have to work on your online presence and social network. Above all, you must consider listing your business in a niche-specific online directory to target a wider audience and achieve max visibility and revenue.

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