4 Pillars Playbook: Creating Interactive eLearning Instructional Designs [eBook]

4 Pillars Playbook: Creating Interactive eLearning Instructional Designs [eBook]
Summary: Discover how to create inspiring and engaging eLearning experiences that transform your team into top performers. This playbook has tips to develop interactive instructional designs that spark meaningful change.

How To Create Transformative eLearning Experiences Through Interactive Instructional Design

Dynamic eLearning content takes knowledge retention and active recall to the next level. But how do you develop engaging and meaningful content that transforms performance behaviors? This eBook highlights the 4 key ingredients you need to create interactive instructional designs that leave a lasting impression. It covers everything from context-building to top activities so that you can facilitate profound learning for every member of your team.

eBook Release: 4 Pillars Playbook: Creating Interactive eLearning Instructional Designs
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4 Pillars Playbook: Creating Interactive eLearning Instructional Designs
Take learner engagement to the next level by creating transformative online training experiences for your team!

Rethinking eLearning Interactivity

eLearning interactivity is usually associated with high-tech activities, such as simulations or VR games. However, interactivity is more about emotional engagement than modern technology. Even a well-told story or peer-based coaching session can bring busy learners into the fold and boost retention rates. Learners must be able to gain hands-on experience and reflect on their mistakes to get the most from your online training program. Thus, eLearning professionals should question their perceptions of "interactivity." In some cases, it will involve more tech-centered activities, such as AR apps that give new hires a grand tour of the facilitates. On the other hand, it could be a personal anecdote that engages and inspires staffers on a deeper level. The key is knowing when to use which approach and choosing the right custom eLearning solutions for the job.

About This Interactive Instructional Design eBook

Truly memorable learning experiences are personal and relatable. This eBook shows you how to put everything into context and challenge your learners to achieve their full potential. Here's a brief glimpse of what's inside:

  • Context: Training is about communicating meaning, and meaning is conveyed―to a huge degree―through context.
  • Challenge: The challenge in CCAF is an invitation―an invitation to engage, to be fully involved, to join in, to take part.
  • Activity: Activity is at the very core of any instructional interaction.
  • Feedback: 5 successful strategies to design effective and impactful instructional feedback.


How do you create online training content that sticks? Download the eBook 4 Pillars Playbook: Creating Interactive eLearning Instructional Designs to launch engaging and meaningful online training experiences for your remote workforce.

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