7 Hot Trends That Make Custom eLearning Popular In 2018

7 Hot Trends That Make Custom eLearning Popular In 2018
Summary: Custom eLearning courses are becoming increasingly popular in the learning space. This article helps training managers gain an insight into the hottest trends responsible for the popularity of custom eLearning development.

Which 7 Trends Make Custom eLearning Popular In 2018

As training managers, you realize that off-the-shelf training does not serve the needs of your learners always. For instance, you roll out an off-the-shelf course on negotiation skills. The course contains a generic scenario on negotiation and mentions a generic company. The scenario might not be something your employees can relate to, in their work life, and the company might not belong to your industry. You get learners to complete the course, but have you stopped to check whether it has made a difference?

Most often, the problem with off-the-shelf content is that learners are left to transfer the learning, to their role in the organization. With the introduction of custom eLearning development, this situation has changed. Whether it is new product training, sales skills training, or onboarding new hires, training managers must focus on organization-specific objectives, policies, and processes. Custom eLearning is the right choice when it comes to delivering a transformational learning experience. Let’s look at the hottest trends in custom eLearning that contribute to its popularity this year.

1. Gamified eLearning

Gamification and game-based learning were popular last year and continue their winning streak this year too. But, finding an off-the-shelf gamified course that caters to the training needs of your organization is not easy. Here’s where custom eLearning development makes a difference. Through custom eLearning, it is possible to design gamified eLearning that can engage and motivate learners to complete their training programs.

2. eLearning Templates

Templates have caught on in a big way in custom eLearning. The advantage of using templates is that they can be reused, saving time and money in the process. A lot of organizations are looking at rapid eLearning development as a means to roll out training programs quickly. Rapid eLearning authoring tools do have several built-in templates that can be used to create tailor-made courses for employees. Custom eLearning courses are expected to follow the brand image of a company, and templates offer an easy way to achieve branding consistency in corporate training programs.

3. Microlearning

A great way to improve learning retention and reinforce training is to break the training content into bite-sized modules. The custom eLearning development strategy in your organization will certainly benefit from including microlearning, which is using short learning modules where each learning nugget addresses one learning objective. When learning is spaced out and is repetitive, as in the case of microlearning, it contributes to a sticky learning experience.

4. Mobile Learning

When employees require performance support, it becomes necessary to deliver just-in-time training. This is done through mobile learning solutions that form an integral part of custom eLearning development. With a lot of organizations focusing on a continuous learning culture, mobile learning has become a must-follow training strategy and is a hot favorite with the millennials and the Gen Z workforce.

5. Online Learning Libraries

Custom eLearning is aimed at enriching the learning experience for your learners. What better way to achieve this, than through an online learning library that hosts a collection of curated courses. Creating a repository of custom eLearning courses for your learners to access is trending. For example, if learners want to search for all the relevant courses that are part of sales training, they can quickly access the online learning library to explore the entire curricula of courses on the relevant subject.

6. Video-Based Learning

Video-based learning continues to remain in trend because there is nothing like a video to help teach sensitive and complex subjects. What’s more, it appeals to learners of all ages. That’s one of the primary reasons custom eLearning promotes the use of videos. Want to show how a machine used in your manufacturing process works, or want to take learners through a business application that you use? Simply opt for a video-based course that makes life easy for the training department as well as learners.

7. Personalized Learning

Personalized learning has been one of the talked about strategies last year, and it continues to remain in focus this year as well. Personalized learning takes the power of custom eLearning a notch further. Imagine the power of a customized eLearning course where content and style of training are modified according to the learner’s preferred learning style. The learning space can look forward to seeing more of personalized learning samples this year.

The future of eLearning looks bright, and custom eLearning development will only make it better for training managers who want to create impactful training at their organization. Following these trends in custom eLearning, you can make online learning an engaging and effective experience for learners.

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