4 Tips To Design A Successful Social Media Campaign

4 Tips To Design A Successful Social Media Campaign
Summary: Working on a social media campaign? Then here are a few good tips to check out.

How To Design A Successful Social Media Campaign

Nowadays, the massive following and tremendous influence of social media is no longer up for debate. This is because when you have a huge following on social media alone, you already have a pool of leads to target for your business. You also have a quick gauge on the characteristics of your audience and know how to engage with them. In line with this, it’s now unlikely for brands small or big to not have an online presence or a social media campaign in place. If you also want to launch your own marketing using social media, below are some of the tips you need to keep in mind:

1. Assemble A Team That Is Capable

Let’s crush one common myth: Just because someone is active on social media, it does not always follow that they know intuitively how to handle your campaign. The importance of assessing members of your team cannot be overstated if you want to achieve the social media results you have in mind. For starters, look for people with skills that can help your social media marketing efforts like photo editing, writing and editing, technological know-how, etc.

Additionally, ensure members of the team can take responsibility and ownership when it comes to daily updates as well as long-term needs of the campaign. It is downright important that they have the passion to engage with your audience, otherwise your campaign would stagnate. The passion also drives them to keep up with the trends of your business and use these to stay abreast with your audience.

2. Plan Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Meticulously

Regardless if you are bringing in new partners, moving to new a new location, or introducing a new product, having a social media campaign can be pivotal. At this time and age, social media can go a long way when it comes to generating buzz, creating awareness, or fueling engagement. In line with this, having a well-thought out social media marketing plan is considered essential. As a general rule of thumb, a potent and effective social media marketing plan should be used to:

  • Organize the objectives of the campaign.
  • Organize team assignments.
  • Organize content ideas and concept.
  • Identify the right tools you can use for specific social media platforms.

Undoubtedly, a social media campaign that is planned accordingly has a bigger chance of succeeding. Also, a well-thought out plan can make it a lot easier for you to create excitement, curiosity, and momentum for your brand.

3. Ensure You Have A Presence On Effective Social Media Platforms

Contrary to popular belief, there is no perfect social media platform that will work for all brands. What one brand will find effective might not work as well for you. Unfortunately, with so many social media platforms available nowadays, picking the best ones to focus on can be challenging. Thankfully, there is a good way for you to be able to choose a primary and secondary social media network to have a presence in.

Start by looking at industry benchmarks and identifying the social media platforms your target audience are likely to spend most of their time in. While finding out the social media networks your target audience hangs out in can be difficult, it will be well worth the effort as finding the right platforms can increase your campaign’s chance of success significantly.

4. Make Use Of An Editorial Calendar

Print publishers have been using editorial calendars since time immemorial and its usefulness has never once waned. Aside from ensuring you can leverage content across different social media channels, using an editorial calendar can also help you drive internal teamwork, remain focused, and streamline resources. If you are already using an editorial calendar, then you are way ahead of the game.

If not, you need not worry! It’s not too late to start yet. Start by making use of free customizable templates that you can get for free. If you want to share the editorial calendar with your team, you can make use of a Google Drive spreadsheet or an editorial calendar plugin. When creating your editorial calendar, make sure you have columns for the following essentials:

  • Keywords.
  • Category.
  • Promotion.
  • Article Type.
  • Related Marketing.
  • Tracking Dates (due dates and other signoffs).
  • Content Format (video, audio, image, text, presentation, etc.).
  • Updates.