Free eBook: Digital Culture At Scale
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Implementing Digital Culture At Scale Through Training In Your Organization

From small businesses to global corporations, including startups and middle market companies, the landscape today is the same for all: the economy has shifted, and organizations need to adapt to accelerated business cycles and the widespread disruption of markets.

eBook Release: Digital Culture At Scale
eBook Release
Digital Culture At Scale
Discover key best practices for implementing digital culture at scale through training in your organization.

Everyone is asking the same questions:

  • How can we leverage the digital revolution to re-invent the business model in our market?
  • How can we drive constant innovation?
  • How do we attract and retain top talent, who are no longer interested in the traditional corporate model and culture?
  • How can we boost performance using new technologies?

How do we accomplish all of this? This is where the eBook Digital Culture At Scale comes in.

The Problem And The Solution

For several years now, the digital transformation of companies has been hailed as the answer to all of these questions. The problem is that this term encompasses a multitude of different situations and does not address a core aspect for companies: their complexity – a problem that cannot be simply solved with abstract, catchall solutions.

In recent years, many organizations have decided on a different strategy to accelerate their digital transformation: the use of tools.

However, thinking strictly in terms of tools can be a trap. CRM, project management tools, eLearning platforms… A recurring problem in large organizations? Investing in tools only to see employees abandon them or even witness a sort of passive resistance with regards to using them. The amount of money invested in digital tools is by no means a KPI that attests to a true digital culture within a company: what really matters is employee engagement and how staff members work on a daily basis.

The real challenge is transforming corporate culture. Without a digital corporate culture, people will not use the tools that are available to them. If company culture determines how an organization and individuals respond to a given stimulus, it also determines how they will organize themselves to respond to a problem and dictates everyday work habits. Culture therefore has an impact on both the strategic management of a company and its everyday effectiveness and attractiveness.

Implementing digital corporate culture at scale is a strategic project with massive implications:

  • Culture can boost individual motivation and engagement by empowering employees and getting them involved with the company’s mission, creating unparalleled room for expression and creativity.
  • It can also contribute to creating a productive daily work environment with efficient collaborative practices that rely on technology.
  • It is a means of stimulating innovation by creating new internal reflexes and simplifying complex processes.
  • Culture is a strategic aspect that can transform a company into one that constantly adapts and optimizes workplace practices to improve market efficiency and responsiveness.
  • It can also strengthen a corporation by facilitating the decentralization of processes and encouraging the emergence of bottom-up practices that allow managers to focus on the company's strategic vision, rather than micromanagement.
  • Finally, strong culture is an excellent argument for recruiting and retaining top talent, especially when it includes room for continual growth and learning.

About The eBook

Let’s take a look at Digital Culture At Scale’s key chapters:

  1. What is a company culture?
    A company culture is not only a sum of your values. It’s being built everyday through myriads of social interactions and processes. Learn to understand and challenge them in order to adapt to the digital era.
  2. What are the skills & practices that need to be implemented within the organization?
    How can large-scale soft skills and work methodologies be developed internally to foster genuine digital culture within organizations?
  3. Collaboration & Performance: How to effectively work together?
    Discover how to implement collaborative practices that boost internal innovation by promoting ideas from all levels of the organization.
  4. Discover how learning can bring change to your organization
    Fostering continuous learning should be your priority when adapting to the digital world. This is why you need to change the way you train.
  5. Learn to bet on social features
    To be efficient your culture must be engaging. To be engaging, it needs to be social. Discover how putting social features at the heart of your training programs can give life to a strong company culture.

The best way to establish company culture at scale is through training, but not just any type of training. Training must be collaborative, bottom-up, personalized, fun and focused on the right topics for the right people who are able to promote best digital transformation practices internally.

The eBook Digital Culture At Scale contains the best practices 360Learning have compiled over the past year. It will provide you with tips and examples on the best ways to accelerate the cultural transformation of your organization through training. Download it today.

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