5 Innovative Digital Tools For Teachers To Use

5 Innovative Digital Tools For Teachers To Use
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Summary: If you are an educator or a teacher that never stops evolving, then you could definitely find this article of use. We will discuss how you can improve your lessons using 5 innovative and entertaining tools that your students will love.

Digital Tools For Teachers To Use In Classrooms

Grabbing students’ attention and keeping everyone active during the class is very important, but also very difficult to accomplish. In order to make classes more interactive, fun, and educative at the same time, teachers should pay attention to new teaching methods and tools. These tools can help both teachers and students, allow them easier access to learning materials, faster and more effective grading, etc. For those teachers that are looking for a new way to improve their class, here are 5 tools that should make their job easier and bring additional value to their students.

1. Google Classroom

This Google service allows teachers to organize their class, interact with students, grade their work, check on their progress, and much more. Because it’s available on smart devices and only requires a Google account, Google Classroom brings in a certain amount of flexibility to both teacher and students alike.

It works pretty simply; the teacher creates a class and invites students to join by sending them an invitation via Gmail. The students then join the class and they have instant access to all the materials that the teacher provides. Moreover, the teacher is able to create quizzes, assign essays, tests, even create a class calendar with important dates, so students could always stay updated, etc. The teacher has access to students' ongoing work and has the ability to provide insightful feedback. In a word, this tool is a virtual classroom that's always open.

2. Editing Services

Some students are talented writers and have no problem with creating any type of written content. However, not all of the students are the future Hemmingway and often struggle with essays and other written assignments. Editing services can help students with their term papers, book reviews, research papers, proofreading, etc. These types of online services allow students to take some of the load off, in case they have too much on their hands. Additionally, the proofreading feature allows students to learn from their mistakes and get better at spelling and grammar.

However, this tool is not only for those that are not gifted writers. International students can also achieve more and progress faster with the help of online editing services.

3. ClassMarker

This simple tool allows teachers to create an online test that is instantly graded, which can save them a whole lot of time and allow them to focus on more important issues. What's really good about this tool is that it allows multimedia content, so teachers could add pictures or videos to the test sheet to make the whole experience even more attractive and interactive.

The teacher has the ability to create groups and give each group a separate test, but also has the option to create a single test and share a link to the test with the entire class via email. The students get the test results instantly, and all of the tests are stored in the teacher's personal database, which is a great way to keep track of each student's progress. Additionally, ClassMarker allows setting a time limit for each quiz and availability dates, which can help teachers in case they have a large number of students to pay attention to.

4. Edmodo

Another useful tool that not only makes the teaching experience easier but also helps integrate teachers, students, and parents in the learning process. Edmodo allows teachers to create groups, quizzes, assign papers, manage students’ progress, etc. It’s also possible to connect Edmodo with your Google or Microsoft account and transfer files from one service to another seamlessly.

This tool is a great way to keep parents up to date with future events, current grades, progress, etc. Since teachers can allow access to both students and parents, each user has a certain level of access to Edmodo content. This way parents will be able to see where they should jump in when it comes to helping their children achieve better results.

Talking about achieving more, Edmodo also allows teachers and students from all over the world to share knowledge and resources with each other. One of the features of this tool is the ability to share any type of content with other users and get access to materials that others decided to share.

5. Kahoot

Did anyone say that games are not educational? Kahoot is a learning tool that allows teachers and students to create fun games in order to test knowledge and engage the entire class. There is virtually no limit to the number of questions or their format; you could place videos, images, and even diagrams to each question to make the game more interesting.

This type of learning experience can really keep the whole class engaged, as each student joins the game via their smart devices while the results appear on a shared screen for everyone to see. Forming multiple teams can build a competitive atmosphere which students would enjoy. In addition, the online nature of Kahoot allows you to include even those students that are unable to attend the class, but are willing to participate in the game. Furthermore, teachers could assign homework using this tool, and have instant access to results.


With the digital era taking over, it's important to include digital and online tools into the learning process. Students rely on smart devices and internet more than on conventional learning methods. Keeping up with this trend is what allows the teacher to better understand students and their needs. Additionally, these tools make the learning process more interactive and allow easier flow of information, which makes the teacher's job much easier.


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