How Digital Transformation Of Learning Can Help Enhance Your Brand

Brand Enhancement Via eLearning - How To Do It

Corporate organizations shell out inconceivable amounts of money in marketing and promotion of their brand. Marketing and promotion are done to differentiate oneself from the competition, to communicate the unique selling proposition (USP) of your brand, to increase brand recognition and a number of other reasons, but the ultimate objective is to increase sales and help the organization grow bigger. Digitally transforming your Learning and Development program by implementing eLearning is aimed at the same ultimate objectives. Developing and training your employees using eLearning leads them to be better-skilled, which leads to increased productivity and more efficient operations throughout the organization, which in turn leads to increased sales and a faster-growing organization. However, there are corporate organizations that still hesitate in investing in eLearning, despite its popularity, and despite the proven benefits eLearning brings to the table. However, the lack of proper research into the benefits of eLearning might be to blame for this behaviour, which includes brand enhancement. Yes, you read that right! eLearning can help organizations enhance their brand, and in this article, we’ll discuss how.

1. Brand Your eLearning Courses

Corporate organizations should begin by branding their eLearning courses. This is done by using brand-specific fonts in the courses, along with the brand’s logo and tag line placed strategically in the course (in the upper right-hand corner or as a watermark). In addition, organizations should use a specific colour palette consistently in every course, which should match the brand’s colour scheme. Organizations should also use images of their organization’s main headquarters or offices in their eLearning courses (corresponding to the office in which the eLearning course is used). Finally, organizations should not forget the importance of social media buttons and add them to strategic locations in their courses, to lead learners to their Facebook or LinkedIn pages. Doing all this ensures that learners recognize your brand, as well as your organization when they take your courses.

2. Promote Your eLearning Courses

Although technically this is a digital marketing technique, organizations can promote their eLearning courses (branded as instructed above) to enhance their brand. You can promote your courses on your brand or organization’s blog. Every person who reads your blog is a potential learner who might attempt one of your courses, and a potential customer who could buy your product or service. Another thing to do is to publish your courses on social media websites like Facebook, or create a short promotional video for your course and publish it on YouTube. Don’t forget to add links to your courses as well as your website. You should also contribute to other eLearning blogs, online course marketplaces and websites by posting your courses there.

3. Publish A Book On Amazon

Even the eLearning content created by organizations can be used to enhance their brand, by publishing a book on concepts relevant to the organization’s niche. Not only does this promote your brand, but is an additional revenue stream for your organization. The book will help you attract more business as well as customers for your products and services.

4. Post Course Reviews On Your Website

Ask your employees to review every course they take, and then post those reviews under your courses on your website on the courses page. Of course, it goes without saying that you should post every course created on your brand or organization’s website on a separate page labeled “Courses”. Reviews and testimonials help in attracting learners from outside the organization, who could be potential customers. You could also get industry experts to review your courses, which will add authority.

Now that you know what eLearning can do to enhance your brand, its time to implement eLearning in your organization in an effective manner, keeping in mind the points mentioned above. These branding techniques are relatively simple and straightforward but have the power to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Make sure you do lots of research first, in order to customize eLearning to your organization’s needs. eLearning offers a plethora of benefits to organizations based in any industry, and brand enhancement is just a mere byproduct of eLearning.

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