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TechChange is a social enterprise that helps organizations and companies build beautiful and engaging elearning courses.


The name TechVidvan is a combination of two words Tech and Vidvan. Tech is the abbreviation for Technology and Vidvan is the Sanskrit word for someone who has vidya (or knowledge) of a particular science or art.

The A Level Biologist - Your Hub Ltd 🌱

Full coverage of all global biology qualifications: A-levels, SAT and IB 🥇

The Call Center School

Empower your contact center staff to provide outstanding customer service. We help your workforce reach their full potential with engaging online training. We train thousands of employees every year for companies that take customer service seriously.

The Career Academy

The Career Academy offers a range of employer recognised courses as well as specialist courses to improve job performance. All of the courses offered are online meaning that our students can study any time, anywhere.

The Digital Education

The Digital Education is an educational training institute which provides complete digital marketing classroom training program.

The Digital Sales Institute

The Digital Sales Institute online sales training courses will help Automate, Integrate, Measure and Scale the adoption of the latest selling techniques into the sales process for improved revenue performance.

The Intelligent Investor Academy

The Intelligent Investor Academy was established on the principles of the world’s greatest investors. We pride ourselves in applying the teachings and philosophies of value investing and trading.

The Leaders Work

Self-Awareness and Inquiry for Excellence in Leadership.

The Mental Health Project

Innovative and engaging mental health, resilience and wellbeing eLearning courses for the workplace.

Thriving Skills Limited

Thriving Skills Limited aims to strengthen human bonding through facilitating lifelong learning to meet the challenges of the future of work.

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