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Area9 Learning Logo

Area9 Learning

(Based on 2 reviews )
Area9 Learning’s adaptive platform is an end-to-end, cloud-based, web-and-mobile eLearning design, authoring, delivery and reporting system that is fully compatible with LTI, SCORM, and integrates seamlessly with LMS’s.
IT Convergence Logo

IT Convergence

(Based on 1 reviews )
We are a global professional services provider specialized in enterprise software solutions, with core expertise in Oracle solutions. Our training practice has supported hundreds of companies with IT training and end-user adoption solutions.


(Based on 1 reviews )
NEO is a simple, powerful LMS for schools and universities that makes it easy to deliver online education. Our mission is to make learning more enjoyable by offering an engaging e-learning solution that makes the whole process more productive.
Arcusys Ltd. Logo

Arcusys Ltd.

(Based on 1 reviews )
Valamis is an open source LMS which not only enables formal learning but also social and informal learning. Valamis brings you state-of-the-art learning technologies and methods within the reach of organizations in a cost effective and flexible way.
New Leaf Technologies Logo

New Leaf Technologies

(Based on 1 reviews )
New Leaf Technologies are specialist in adaptive learning and online learning.


(Based on 1 reviews )
CYPHER LEARNING is a company that specializes in providing e-learning platforms for universities, businesses, and organizations around the world. The company has two products: NEO an LMS for schools and universities and MATRIX, an LMS for businesses.
Abila Logo


Abila is a leading provider of software and services to associations, nonprofit organizations, and government entities that help them improve decision making, execute with greater precision, increase engagement, and generate more revenue.
ADInstruments Logo


Specialists in Life Science Education and Research solutions, ADInstruments have been leaders in the market since 1988. Innovation, support and training has seen them move beyond the lab to develop solutions used in universities around the World.
Adrenna Logo


Innovative learning technologies and immersive content solutions for education and workforce.
Agylia Logo


Agylia is a global leader in the provision of learning management and mobile learning Apps, coupled with the design and creation of bespoke eLearning programmes.
Aligned Learning Solutions Logo

Aligned Learning Solutions

Aligned Learning Solutions (previously known as Learning Down Under a subsidiary company of Mindlogik Ltd.) is the Docebo Sales, Training and Consulting Partner for the APAC region.
Ampersand Education Logo

Ampersand Education

Ampersands' suite of software solutions help you meet the most demanding requirements for information access. Our solutions are perfectly designed to ensure all requirements are met, success is achieved and operations are optimized.
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