VoiceArchive is a global media company specialising in voice-over production in over 120 languages. With 15 years in the industry, we produce award-winning native-only voice-overs for e-Learning, Marketing, Advertising, TV & Radio.

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At VoiceArchive, we specialise in the production of voice-overs for e-Learning for all industries. This is why our global clients trust us:

  1. We are fast: 24h- 72h delivery
  2. Over 120 languages narrated by a handpicked native voice over talent pool (providing FREE full demos for each new client)
  3. Global pandemic-proof, uninterrupted voice-over production via a global industry-leading team
  4. The industry’s most competitive voice-over rates: we will price-match your existing supplier and exceed your expectations
  5. We are an extension to each client’s team: by assigning an entire project management team for each client, we manage all aspects of their production needs including assets, stakeholders & deadlines.
  6. We automatically keep our clients’ e-learning material in a secure content library at no extra charge, enabling them to save costs by never needing to re-record existing material when it comes to content updates.
  7. We help our new clients achieve 30% costs savings on average thanks to a focused team that is continuously learning & improving to optimise their business.

We take the risk out of e-Learning content production by fully coordinating our clients’ projects, allowing them to focus on their ongoing business with total peace of mind.