Early results - 2014 Compliance Learning Αnd Communication Survey Results

A Snippet Of 2014 Compliance Learning Αnd Communication Survey Results

We’re only a week into our Compliance Learning & Communication survey, but based on the responses thus far, we’re noticing some interesting trends. This is just a snippet to give you an idea of where we are and to encourage you to share your responses with us.

Compliance Training & Communication Current Insights 

Did the frequency of your compliance communication change last year versus the prior year? 

  • 51% responded “increased”
  • 46.1% responded “remained the same”
  • 2.0% responded “decreased”

How would you rate the effectiveness of your compliance learning programs?

  • 36.4% answered “Meets Standards.”
  • 29.5% responded “Ok, but needs improvement.”
  • 25% responded “Above average.”
  • 2.3% responded “Very effective.”
  • 6.8% responded “Not effective.”

How would you like to improve your compliance programs? 

  • 76.1% responded “More engaging design and content.”
  • 56.5% responded “Adapt new technology & tools quicker.”
  • 45.7% responded “Make learning programs accessible through multiple devices.”

What about you? Share with us. 

The goal of the 2014 Compliance Learning and Communication Survey is to understand the current trends in compliance learning and gap areas associated with them. We love learning just as much as we love creating learning, and your responses help us get even better at what we do. Please take a moment to respond to our survey. The more responses we get, the more insightful our results and research will be. If you have not done so yet, I encourage you to take 5 min. to complete the 2014 Compliance Training and Communication Survey.

Last but not least, for helpful tips, you are more than welcome to download Kineo’s "Doing it Right" Free Compliance Guide.