eBook Launch: Spark A Digital Workplace Transformation (Without Blowing Everything Up)

eBook Launch: Spark A Digital Workplace Transformation (Without Blowing Everything Up)
Summary: How do you spark a digital transformation for your team? Download this eBook to discover tried-and-tested strategies to develop talent and improve work processes with a single solution.

Start Your Digital Workplace Transformation By Integrating Methodical Change

A digital transformation isn't just about rethinking your employee development strategy and moving things online. It's a more holistic approach that facilitates remote support, builds a stronger team dynamic, and streamlines work processes. This ultimate guide shows you how to plan and execute a digital shift and avoid the most common implementation pitfalls. You'll also learn how to extend the digital transformation far beyond L&D with a single solution.

Spark A Digital Workplace Transformation (Without Blowing Everything Up)
Prepare your employees for the jobs of tomorrow by launching a digital transformation in your organization!

Why Every Organization Should Launch A Digital Workplace Transformation

Even before the pandemic, organizations were migrating online for a variety of reasons. While some wanted to track employee performance and identify emerging gaps, others focused on the cost-cutting benefits that digital solutions could bring to their business operations as a whole. Today, it's becoming the new norm due to the fact that so many companies are switching to remote or hybrid working models.

Going digital allows you to centralize communications, improve team collaboration, and ensure that everyone has access to the training resources they need when they need them most. You can also provide external partners with the same L&D opportunities as your in-house staffers. For example, your sales channels can participate in certification courses or access microlearning support tools to bridge gaps autonomously.

While a digital transformation can impact higher-level business objectives, it's also a game-changer on the individual level. Every member of your team, regardless of their location or job role, can log in to the system to achieve personal milestones, reach out to colleagues, or actively engage in knowledge sharing based on their tasks and areas for improvement. To illustrate, an employee who's been with your company for years decides to apply for a promotion. They can use the tool to upskill, reskill, and assess their current skills to set the benchmark. This employee even has the chance to contact more experienced staff members who might serve as mentors or, at the very least, offer advice on how to navigate the new corporate terrain.

The key is finding a solution that meets all your needs. This eBook doesn't just explore the why behind digital transformations. You'll also discover tips to find the best platform for your remote workforce and activities you can leverage to continually cultivate your talent. There's even a chapter dedicated to common obstacles that your employees face and how digital resources can help them to lower the learning curve and boost workplace performance cost-effectively.

About This eBook

This guide can help you make the transition to virtual training, as well as implement the latest technologies to keep employees in the loop and streamline remote collaboration. Here's a sneak preview of what you'll find in this eBook:

  • Why There’s No Time Like The Present To Launch A Digital Workplace Transformation
  • How To Cultivate A Remote Workforce Community & Boost Team Engagement
  • 5 Common Challenges Your Front-Line Employees Face (And How To Address Them With Single-Pane Of Glass Tech)
  • Bridge The L&D Divide: Tips To Upskill, Reskill, And Fill Knowledge Gaps With The Right Tech
  • Front-Line Support: How To Create A Hub That Combines Digital Workforce Tools With L&D
  • From Pre-Boarding To Off-Boarding: A People-First Approach For Every Stage Of The Employee Journey
  • 7 Front-Line Activities To Include In Your Digital Workforce Development Program
  • Work Smarter & Safer: 7 Steps To Enhance The Learner Experience With A Single Solution


Contrary to popular belief, digital workplace transformations aren't just for large organizations with global teams. Even SMBs can reap the rewards to cut training costs and improve overall workflow. Download the eBook Spark A Digital Workplace Transformation (Without Blowing Everything Up) to launch your future-ready digital transformation.