eBook Release: L&D And Learner Experience 2024 Trends Report

eBook Launch 2024 L&D And Learner Experience Trends Report
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Summary: From learner-centered design to AI-powered skills training, this guide shines the spotlight on LX trends every L&D pro should ponder.

Learner Experience Trends: Exploring The Intersection Of AI, Skills, And Effective L&D

How can you incorporate generative AI into your eLearning action plan? Is there still a strong demand for DEIB skills? How do you realistically measure the impact of your learning initiatives? This report dives into learner experience trends, survey findings, and actionable insights to help you fuel employee growth and enact meaningful workplace change.

eBook Release: L&D And Learner Experience 2024 Trends Report
eBook Release
L&D And Learner Experience 2024 Trends Report
This valuable resource features insights from L&D pros on AI, analytics, LX, and enabling change.

Why The L&D Journey Is Just As Important As The Destination

It's only natural for organizations to focus on L&D outcomes and how training affects work performance. After all, these are often quantifiable KPIs that tie into ROI. However, it's not just about the final destination but the experience that employees have as they upskill, bridge knowledge gaps, and identify areas for improvement. L&D programs that center on learners' needs and allow them to personalize their paths lead to greater knowledge retention and engagement. In turn, they seize new opportunities for professional growth and are able to contribute even more to your organization. Not to mention, successful L&D leads to improved employee satisfaction so that you can hold on to your top talent.

About This eBook

Which skills are in the highest demand and why? Is elevating the strategic position of L&D still a major hurdle? How can you help your people navigate change and adapt quickly with the right L&D approach? Here's a brief glimpse of what you'll find in this guide by SweetRush:

  • Skills Needs Are Changing‚ĶBecause Change Requires New Skills: How is the rapid rise of generative AI influencing today's most in-demand workplace skills?
  • L&D's Elevated Role Matures: How can implementing a learner-centered design approach positively impact learning culture and improve learning outcomes?
  • Investing In Content (Shelf Life, Resources, And Impact): What are the most significant content creation challenges, and how can innovative strategies help you overcome them?
  • Trends In Strategy, Skills, Analytics, And Automation: What will L&D pros focus on this year and beyond?

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