10 Essential Elements Of Effective eCommerce Website Design

10 Essential Elements Of Effective eCommerce Website Design
Summary: Companies are making sure that they give high-quality eCommerce website solutions to their customers. They are focusing on making eCommerce engaging, giving it a more user-friendly interface, and offering regular feedback. This article is all about those elements which can help you bring in more sales.

eCommerce Website Design: Essential Elements That Help You Increase Your Online Sales

The world has witnessed a great deal of transformation in ways of conducting business over the past two decades. Commercial organizations have greatly evolved in terms of how they operate. They have set up online websites where they build their brand around their products and services and key customers. This is called eCommerce. The world's largest retail chains like Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, etc. are focusing on how to build effective eCommerce website design.

The mode of business has reformed from being physical to internet-based. Here are some of the elements of eCommerce website design that are must-have for any progressive online business.

1. Customer Names

It is a common desire of every individual to be recognized by his or her name, and this is why effective salesmen at any retail outlet exploit their customers' same need. They will ask you what your name is, and they will call you by your name every time they want to address you.

The best eCommerce website solutions also require one to incorporate personalization, as it makes their customers feel important and special. Therefore, when you go for sign up options on your webpage, don't forget to add the Name feature as well. There are a few plus points to why you should be including the names of your customers. First, it is very easy and quick to write a name instead of uploading a picture or adding other personal information. Second, people are not really bothered or feel agitated sharing their name. Last but not least, you can make your customer feel special in their own named dashboard.

2. Bestseller Products On Homepage

Just like normal shopping places, your customer would first look for your bestseller products. They would want to know straight away what you are offering them, thus it is quite important to showcase your top products on your front page. It saves your customers' time, which is mostly why they feel good about your service. It also definitely helps them make the right choice, as they can get what they actually came for instead of wasting time on non-essentials.

3. Product Collections

You can bundle up similar kinds of products at one place; this is called Product Collection. Products can be assembled on the basis of season, festivals, new arrivals, sales discounts, or anything like that. The most important upside of using product collections is that they get ranked on search engines very well. However, you will have to keep updating or replacing your assemblages regularly. This would help in retaining your new potential customers based on their interests.

You can also add a list of recommended products on your site to make them more personal. People normally buy on the basis of what the last customer had searched for. Therefore, update your library on last customer search basis.

4. Zoom Option For Pictures

For most websites with displayed pictures and snaps, the common mistake is not adding a zooming possibility. Nobody buys a product without looking in detail into it. Even at a physical retail outlet, people tend to closely examine the item before purchasing it. This increases the significance of adding a zoom option to make customers comfortable with your offering. Only when they see the product thoroughly they will be able to make an informed decision and feel happy about it. Also, pictures must be of a very high quality so that they do not get blurred at the time of zooming in and out.

5. Shipping Details

Normally, it is advisable to add a shipping or delivery option at the top of your webpage; it is most commonly pinned to the header of the website. A special care must be taken to give full information about varying shipping costs based on geological locations. The best approach is to offer a completely free delivery service in order to attract more customers to your site.

6. Contact Info And Feedback

It is considered to be the best practice to add one's contact information on your website. This will help you gain the trust of your customers by knowing that they can reach you anytime they want. In case something goes wrong, your customer will have the option to let you know about it. This will, in turn, help you make and sustain long-term relationships with your customers.

Most of the successful eCommerce website development services also call for adding a feedback option. This way, your customers will be able to chat with you in case they have any queries. If you are not able to chat with them, a simple feedback form would probably be enough. Keep in mind that these feedback forms should be regularly monitored and send satisfactory replies within an optimal timeline.

7. Ratings And Reviews

One of the most significant eCommerce website solutions includes the addition of ratings and reviews to your webpage. A successful eCommerce website design is like a community where the owners of the page, the ones who run it, and the customers work in a cooperative manner. Customers not only purchase products from your website, but also recommend it to others. These positive words of mouth can add a great deal of value to your site.

Some of the webpage owners are shy about adding the reviews option. They fear customers might be critical of their offerings or service. Well, if you are not confident about the quality of your product, then how can you expect your customers to like it? The key is not to shy away from negative feedback and use it to improve your product or service.

If you are still not sure about having a review choice, at least go for the ratings of products. You can utilize the given evaluations of your products to produce convenient filters. It will also be very easy for the consumers to select the highest rated products. Compared to reviews, ratings are easier to get.

8. Price Filters

eCommerce solutions emphasize on having price filters embedded in your webpage. They are widely used in the eCommerce website development services industry, which is why they need special attention and care. You have to make sure that you offer your customers the ability to sort out your products based on their price. You are required to add the relevant information in case the price does not include the cost of shipping. The overall details of the pricing should be transparent and there should be no hidden charges. The idea is to make your customers feel that they trust your brand in order to retain them for a longer period of time.

9. Wishlists

A wishlist is a feature recommended by most eCommerce website solutions that allow your customers to save a product for the future in case they do not have enough money to buy it now. This way, you are giving your customers a chance to keep an item aside for them for a potential purchase. People often forget what they liked on a website from their previous visit, but a wishlist definitely helps them recall what they liked before. You may also go one step further by sending your customers gentle reminders about the decreased prices at your online store. Don't forget to make your wishlist catchy and interesting so that potential consumers can see it clearly on your webpage and want to use it.

10. Sharing Option

Many eCommerce website designs greatly stress on offering a sharing feature. Add short links with the share option; this will allow your customers to let others know about your product listings. Nowadays, having a share feature on your webpage is a huge plus, as people use social media all the time. Also, don't forget to make your site mobile-friendly, as the majority of users will come to it via their smartphones. The share options could be for social media platforms, SMSs, etc.

In short, eCommerce website development services and eCommerce design solutions are great ways to boost your webpage. The online business world is evolving day by day and one must be aware of the changing trends in order to make their website more functioning. All the essential features of eCommerce website design discussed above are just to kickstart your company. They are not everything that you could do with your site, but they are the minimum service delivery standards.