Editors' Choice: Top 10 Thought Leaders On eLearning Industry

Editors' Choice: Top 10 Thought Leaders On eLearning Industry
Summary: Being renowned as a thought leader is not an easy task, yet not impossible. We strongly appreciate impactful content, engaging language, fresh ideas, and much more. Here's a list of the top 10 Editors' Choice articles for 2019.

Top 10 Articles Featured In The Editors' Choice Section Of eLearning Industry

Many potential writers have decided to become authors in the eLearning niche. Well, there is some good and some bad news about it. Starting from the bad news first, this is not an easy task by all means. It requires deep knowledge of the subject matter, dedication, consistency, planning, imagination, creativity, and much more. If you are one of our beloved authors in the eLearning community, you must probably be nodding your head right now! However, all this hard work will be greatly rewarding in the end. You will not only be featured on top-quality eLearning platforms, such as eLearning Industry, but also you will get closer to becoming one of the most dominant eLearning authorities in the community.

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If you’re reading this right now, don’t be arrogant and rush to say, "We’ve heard all about becoming an eLearning authority too many times already." This is not one of those preaching moments featuring tips on how you can master your writing game for the eLearning niche. This article features some of our best articles that won the Editors’ Choice badge for 2019. If you want some hands-on experience on what is expected of the eLearning community in terms of eLearning content and knowledge-sharing and what it takes to be featured in our Editors’ Choice section, you can check out these amazing articles that kept us on the edge of our seats.

Yet again, if you’re still wondering how we picked these articles, you’re more than welcome to check out our resources on becoming an eLearning thought leader. For the time being, some of the most prominent reasons that led to these choices are the well-researched and interesting topics, the out-of-the-box viewpoints, the clear, simple and well-structured pieces of writing, and last but not least, the fresh and engaging content. I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer—let me spill the tea about our top 10 Editors’ Choice articles for 2019 on eLearning Industry.

1. Non-Conscious Aspects Of Learning And Performance By Patti Shank

This masterpiece written by one of the most famous and established thought leaders of the eLearning niche, Patti Shank, has dropped our jaws and got us thinking. This is all about the learning experience taken from another perspective. As the author supports, our learning and performance are greatly affected by our non-conscious knowledge, thinking, and behavior. She thoroughly discusses the effects of performing on auto-pilot by giving real-life examples while also attaching a table of the implications. Most importantly, Patti Shank has backed up her article with references from respective research on the matter. The validity of the knowledge sharing is undisputed, thus it is no wonder why her article claimed a spot on the Editors’ Choice list of eLearning Industry.

2. The Power Of Feedback In eLearning By Zsolt Olah

You can’t have a successful eLearning experience by taking feedback out of the picture. Our all-time favorite top eLearning author Zsolt Olah takes the connection between feedback and eLearning and analyzes it to the fullest in this very engaging article. He reflects on the true power of feedback in eLearning, the pros and the cons, and much more. What distinguishes his article over others is the direct voice he maintains throughout the text, the use of tables and quotations as well as the quick challenges for the reader to reflect onwho doesn’t love to test the knowledge they have acquired on the spot? Moreover, he has supported all his arguments with valid sources that demonstrate how well-researched his topic is.

3. How Gamification And Social Networking Impact Learning: Communication Is The Key By Edward Roesch

It’s impossible not to be featured in the Editors’ Choice section when you discuss one of the top eLearning trends of 2019. Edward Roesch made a smart choice to write about how gamification and social learning can impact learning because of communication. Besides writing about one of the hottest topics in the eLearning niche, Edward has managed to engage his readers with his writing style. He is consistent and simple, yet clear throughout, while his language use is spotless. Avoiding the use of buzzwords and slang is one of the finest and most uncomplicated ways to catch the attention of your readers in the eLearning community.

4. Finding Your Type: Fonts And Their Influence On Learning By Mary Burns

This article serves one more time as proof that a well-researched opinion on a matter draws the attention of the eLearning community. Mary Burns has successfully put together an astonishing piece of writing by intriguing her readers on how font types can influence learning. In the digital era, fonts are a way of personalizing a text, thus it’s not at all surprising that different types can have various effects on individuals. She carefully explains—using her knowledge of learning design—how eLearning courses can leave their mark by doing a quick overview of different fonts and Typeface 101. Creative and intelligent content in its finest form!

5. Missing The Mark: Learning Must Step Up... Or Step Out By Ajay Pangarkar

As a highly recognized thought-provoker, Ajay is one of the best to opinionate and spark discussions on the matter of the importance of learning for businesses. What made his article one of our picks was his acknowledged know-how on the topic. It’s impressive how he used real-life examples from his experiences or significant events to evoke an emotional connection between the reader and his arguments. Distant, sanitized lists of why's and how's might be helpful on some occasions, but what really speaks to the hearts of the eLearning audience are some ordinary examples that anyone can identify with. This article does not miss the mark, without a doubt.

6. Why Businesses Must Prioritize Learning And Development Post-Brexit By Amit Gautam

Amit Gautam has published his work many times on eLearning Industry’s website. He is one of the greatest, most experienced eLearning professionals and bears a background as a client consultant. Hence, it makes absolute sense that he managed to create a very attractive piece, deliberating why businesses have to make L&D a priority post-Brexit. It is certainly a very interesting approach to such a social issue, as the whole world is waiting for UK businesses to take action to face the post-Brexit economy. Is the answer to make Learning and Development a priority, then? Obviously, this is a question that many eLearning professionals can relate to, and this is why it has been one of our top selections for the year!

7. How To Create LGBTQ Diversity Training That Promotes Inclusion And Equality By Michael Hansen

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most socially engaging articles in the eLearning niche. Michael Hansen has taken the quite sensitive topic of LGBTQ inclusion and tailor-made it to serve business purposes. How can we create LGBTQ diversity training to enhance equality? From A-Z, he explains the ways businesses can implement such practices as well as the benefits it comes with. He is persuasive, raises awareness on the issue, and still, he manages to support all his arguments with top-quality sources. Excellent!

8. Beyond Current LMS Myopia: The Future Lies In 360° Support Systems By Phil McInnes

Phil McInnes becomes an out-of-the-box thinker when he uses a cartoon with a non-existent person, Bob, to create a fictional case study to illustrate his point. This, as he believes, is going to stick in the reader's memory and they are going to pay attention to leveraging the opportunities of LMS technology. Through his story, the author grasps the attention of the reader who is asking for answers in the eLearning niche. And Phil McInnes can deliver them with a twist! After all, who doesn’t learn from some good storytelling?

9. Are Textbooks Becoming Obsolete? By Richard Anning

Are textbooks being replaced by eLearning? This article gives a well-constructed and easy-to-digest analysis of a prediction that Bill and Melinda Gates announced in their 2019 Annual Letter. Richard Anning elaborates on this issue, supporting it with quotes and sources. Finally, he leaves readers with his own prediction and encourages them to reflect on whether we will be having more similar questions on other matters in the future. A brilliant flow of words and an interesting topic for discussion.

10. Why Facebook Adopted Social Learning, And How You Can Set Up A Social Learning Group By Garth von Buchholz

As an already established influencer on educational content, Garth von Buchholz wouldn’t miss producing one of the greatest articles on social learning. Being an expert in the field, he highlights the first strategic move of Facebook into eLearning and carefully explains how it works. This article provides valuable insight into the social learning group type given by Facebook and encourages eLearning professionals to adopt this model to reap its fruitful benefits to the fullest.

I really hope you enjoyed this list featuring the top 10 Editors’ Choice articles as much as I did. All of the above, for different reasons, however, were highlighted in eLearning Industry’s Editors’ Choice section. If you were inspired by these excellent pieces that demonstrate strong thought leadership and establish authority among the eLearning niche, you should consider publishing an article on eLearning Industry. I highly encourage you to get the chance to be featured in our Editors’ Choice section too!