EdTech Trends And Challenges In 2017

EdTech Trends And Challenges In 2017
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Summary: An industry that has the combined power of education and technology has managed to set trends along with some challenges that is set to mark its growth in the present era. With billions being invested, edTech is considered to be one of the richest and fastest growing industries.

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EdTech –a combo that has managed to curb the world of technology into education– is being accepted with open arms across the globe. It all started as an experiment that eventually went to become the biggest trend that the world would love to follow. EdTech is the new limelight of how things would be gearing up all day long for the best of both worlds. Before we look at the edTech trends and challenges in 2017, let us take a dig into the making of this giant sector that is all set to rock the future with its unending benefits.

The Journey Towards Expansion

Education and technology have joined hands for doing business that always hits profit, the profits need not necessarily be in terms of finance. Little did anyone realize that the invention of 'Oregon Trails' would instill a spark for technology in education. Each and every educational industry has had an air of this new trending technique for making education worth cherishing. Billions are being invested in startups with the news spreading like wildfire across the entire globe, its significance has increased with its awareness.

More than $8 billion dollars is the estimated worth of this industry, where a recent report quotes that it will soon spend around $252 billion dollars by the year 2020 (Global reports). The use of internet in schools, documentation, presentations, etc are a living proof that technology is slowly making a place in the educational sector. These developments have to keep up with the pace of the ever increasing population. The student population is expected to increase to 2.7 billion by the year 2035. All these facts beautifully emphasize the glory of EdTech industry that has a promising future.

6 EdTech Trends Ruling The Year 2017

EdTech has crossed decades in the world of innovations. This has given it the experience of how and what are the key factors that are being accepted by the learners. So what's trending in the world of EdTech? The below points lists a couple of trends that the world is witnessing.

1. The Penetration Of Smartphones

Smartphones have become almost ubiquitous in nature and this is where we have been captivated by its presence in almost all fields. The EdTech too is witnessing its power and has started using this medium for making education fun and effective. With the mobile industry seeing a boom we are witnessing a lateral shift in the Education cum Technical industry.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality would soon be picking up a trend in the year 2017 as it has a promising future ahead. The virtual reality headset and Google glasses are some of the tools that have given birth to virtual reality and is sure to bring in an air of advancement in the educational sector.

3. High-Quality Contents

Quality content is yet another milestone that has ignited a new trend in the EdTech industry. Accessing contents on the technical devices has aced up the significance of quality contents as they should be legible enough to bring about a change in the world of education.

4. Learning Management Systems

A Learning Management System has become one of the most desired needs of the educational institutes as they are an epitome of convenient learning and teaching. One can very well guarantee flexibility with an LMS.

5. Wireless In Schools

The wi-fi technology has seen a great boom in a world that is obsessed with the advancements and development in technology. This is sure to grab a significant place in the world of edTech.

6. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Another interesting trend that is ruling the market is the 'Bring Your Own Device system'. When the learners are allowed to bring in their own devices for learning and knowledge sharing purpose, it becomes even more personalized in nature.

4 EdTech Challenges Worth Crossing

"Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational" – a quote that very well supports the use of education in technology. The educational sector, though it proudly flaunts the introduction of technology in education, is vulnerable to being replaced by technology. The above quote very well signifies the importance of technology and education which when combined doubles up the power of imparting knowledge. What are the confrontations that edTech is facing in this contemporary world?

1. The Hesitation To Change 

Change is inevitable and all those who understand and accept this fact is sure to stay ahead of the crowd. Technology in education does require a change in the teaching methods and standards. EdTech does have some audiences that are open to the change but there are people, in the majority who are still reluctant to accept change. This is one of the biggest and most worked upon challenges of edTech.

2. Cost Crunch

Another challenge that edTech is facing is the inadequacy of monetary help. There are institutions out there who are finding it difficult to fund for technical apparatus for fueling the educational needs.

3. More Theory And Less Action

The disproportionate division between theory and action is yet another challenge. EdTech survives on the action-oriented platform and this is where it is taking time to maintain a good rapport between the theory and action-oriented teaching in schools.

4. Too Much To Handle

With edTech coming in the limelight, there are legions of startups and companies that have extended their hands for the growth and development of edTech. This has paved way for a lot of competition where each and everyone has to put their blood and sweat to be noticed in this swarm of enthusiastic blood.

Final Note

Schools have expanded their horizons beyond the bricks and mortar concept, giving way to technology to make learning practical. EdTech has its own set of perks and challenges where they are vulnerable to the technology that is changing, the perception of people, the awareness and how to make the best use of education in technology.

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