4 Amazing Educational Podcasts Every Student Should Listen To

4 Amazing Educational Podcasts Every Student Should Listen To
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Summary: It is a digital audio file which is available on the internet and which can be downloaded to the computers or mobile devices by any subscriber.

Educational Podcasts For Students To Use

The growing speed of digitalization isn’t hidden from anyone, we can clearly see how it has changed our lives in just a few years. The days are gone when students used to stick to the books to learn. Now they have better options available to study, all thanks to eLearning industry solutions that give them a wider range of options to learn.

A podcast is among one of the popular options of eLearning that allows the users to listen to the brief details about a topic. It is a digital audio file which is available on the internet and which can be downloaded to the computers or mobile devices by any subscriber.

Educational podcasts are typically available as a series or new installments. They help the eLearners to understand various topics of different subjects like science, history, grammar, and other more quickly and easily. The best part about the podcasts is they can be used anywhere, anytime once downloaded.

Students can simply download them and listen to them whenever they have the time or they feel like to listen to them. Here we present some of the ideal podcasts for the students. These interactive podcasts not only keep the students busy during the long rides but also help them learn new things. Let’s start!

1. RadioLab

For the past decade and a half, a radio show and podcast is trending on the internet called RadioLab. It has become an extremely popular podcast of science and technology very quickly due to its diversity. It is racking up the millions of podcast downloads every month.

It offers different subjects and keeps the students interested in its innovative episodes and amazing sound effects. It also involves interviews with the specialists and deep insights into human behavior. It helps students to become great conversationalists and boost their confidence to talk about practically anything.

2. Science Friday

SciFry is a weekly call-in talk show that broadcasts on Fridays on public radio stations. It is also distributed by WNYC Studios. This podcast is majorly focused on the different segments of science. As it is mainly science-centric programme, any student with a science background can listen to it to get deeper insights into science.

Apart from covering various different topics of science, it involves educational stories and activities to engage the students. They sometimes call the special guests on the show, that is very popular and a great influencer. Most of the eLearning app development companies refer to this podcast and propose it to the users.

3. StarTalk

StarTalk is hosted by the famous Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and it is based on space, science, and popular cultures. In this podcast, he discusses scientific topics through one-on-one interviews and panel discussions. With his extensive experience, he has become a great intellectual.

He has an amazing treasure of knowledge which he shares with everyone on the weekly basis. He keeps the users' interest in his podcasts with his creative sense of humor. He also invites celebrities, comedians, professionals, and other guests from the world of science and entertainment.

4. History Οf Τhe World Ιn 100 Objects

This is an amazing podcast which goes well with its name. The 100 objects in the name refer to its 100 episodes. It is among the biggest series of basic educational podcasts. This series revolves around the history of the world, wherein each episode talks about a historical object that affected history.

It is not just limited for the history students because non-history students also would like to know about some active facts that were created or invented in the past. Being a highly educative and informative podcast, it has been motivating numerous learners to explore more about the rich history of the world.

It also covers interesting things like a Ming Banknote, an Inca Gold Llama, and much more. History of the World in 100 Objects is a book which is written by Neil MacGregor, British Museum Director and a British art historian who explores over two million years through objects in the Museum's collection. He is well known for his historical knowledge and currently working as the founding director of the Humboldt Forum in Berlin.


These were the 3 amazing educational podcasts every student should listen to. eLearners can pick anyone out of these educational podcasts as per their interest and explore the real facts of the world of science, technology and other.